Claire K

Claire Deborah Katz was a teenaged mortal girl. She died in childbirth on May 7, 1994 when she was seventeen years old.

The Life of Ivy Katz

Claire was a popular high school student. She had many friends and crushes. That all changed when she met Hermes and fell in love.

She went so far as to run away from home to be with Hermes when her parents didn't approve of him.

At some point, Claire had unprotected s*x with Hermes and got pregnant. He wanted to stay with her, but he had to leave.

She died giving birth to her daughter, Ivy Katz. Ivy was raised by Hannah Mizrachi, Claire's best friend.


Claire looked very much like Ivy. She was 5'5 and weighed 130 lbs. She had pale skin, dark brown hair, and wide chocolate eyes. She was quite pretty.


Little is known about Claire's personality. She was outgoing, funny, and a bit of a flirt at times. She enjoyed romance novels and was a bit of a bookworm. Also, Claire was apparently very fearless and determined, showed by her running away, not having an abortion, and staying strong when Hermes left.

Known Family

  • Ivy Katz (Daughter)
  • Hermes (Ex-boyfriend, biological father of Ivy)
  • Unnamed mother
  • Unnamed father


  • The relationship between Ivy, Claire, and Hermes is a bit like The Little Mermaid: Ariel's Beginning (Mother dies, leaving father with little girl who looks almost exactly like mother).
  • Claire could see through the Mist fairly well.
  • She knew who Hermes really was.

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