Cleo Cliff
Cleo cliff
"I live to protect the world, my friends, and life itself."
Daughter of Apollo
Daughter of Wonder Woman
Vital Statistics
Date of Birth April 25th
Current age 17
Gender female
Family Apollo (father)

Wonder Woman (mother) other chlidren of Apollo (siblings)

Status alive; single
Eye Color golden
Hair Color red
Height unknown
Alias CC
Affiliation Heroes
Weapons sword, gun
Species Greek Demigod
Home Camp Half-Blood
Appearances Hereos
Quests none


Cleo "CC" Cliff is the daughter of Wonder Woman and Apollo


Early Years

Cleo was born at CHB, but her mother left right after her birth. She was raised by Chiron and the Senior Counselor of the Apollo cabin. When she was five, she moved out of the Big House and into the Apollo cabin. She got her first weapon, a sword named Burning Light. She was good with swords, but she wanted a second weapon. Chiron gave her a special gun that shot Celestial Bronze bullets.

Later Life




Cleo with her sword, Burning Light

Cleo cliff


CC has red hair, golden eyes, and clear skin. She does not look much like her mother. She usually keeps her hair in a ponytail. She always has her sword at her hip, and her gun in her pocket.


CC is a fun person, always looking for a fun time. She is sarcastic and a great fighter.

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