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Cody Russell Christopher McGill (born March, 7, 1676, age 17) is a demigod son of Zeus.


Cody was not born with his current name. He used to be Christopher McGill. He was born and raised in the late sixteenth century. When he was sixteen, he decided to join the Half-Blood Hunters. His hair and eyes turned jet-black unlike is original colour. He quit the Hunters after a few centuries and went to camp, where he was claimed by Zeus. He has been at camp for a year. He got far enough in the Hunters to get wings and superiority.


Being an ex-senior Half-Blood Hunter, Cody has wings. He can morph them into leather jackets, backpacks, and dog-tag necklaces. His original hair colour is brown. He now had really dark hair and dark eyes. His eyes are dark, storm grey to be exact. His style is Gothic and punk. He still wears his Hunter wrist amulets as a sign of being unafraid. Sophia describes him as very good looking but fair-skinned.


Cody is very stubborn. He won't take teases personally. He never does. He was nearly abandoned by his mother many times, being aggressive and pushy. He is nearly bossy but can be nice. He is generous and calm. He has faith and patience. His pros and cons weigh each other out.


  • Can control weather.
  • Can shock people.
  • Can cause a small lightning storm around himself or others.
  • Can seduce girls better than an Aphrodite boy (His years in the HBH).
  • Can hover-fly.

Known Family.

  • Zeus, Father.
  • Thalia Grace, Half-Sister.
  • Percy Jackson, Cousin.
  • Nico di Angelo, Cousin.
  • Bianca di Angelo, Cousin.
  • Alexandria McGill, Mother, deceased.
  • Charles McGill, Brother, deceased.
  • Rita McGill, Half-Sister, deceased.


  • Being in the Half-Blood Hunters brings immortality. His HBH (Half-Blood Hunter) name was Dusk, a synonym for his favourite colour, black.

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