Cole Fincher is the second child of Zeus and Julie Fincher. He was raised in Washington with his sister, Sarah and his mother, not knowing who his father was. When he was 13, a hellhound caught their scent. It attacked, and Julie tried to protect her kids. She was killed, and Cole and Sarah ran away. The next day, Cole awoke to an old man leaning over to him. "Don't Worry Cole." He said. "I am sending help." He said before vanishing. A few hours later, they were found by two teenagers, Sabrina and Clover, who brought them to camp.


Father- Zeus

Mother- Julie Fincher (deceased)

Sister- Sarah Fincher

Half Brother- Devin Frost

Half Sister- Angie Hawkins


Cole met a girl from Demeter cabin named Sabrina. They dated for three years, but ended up breaking up. A girl named Jane from Athena cabin became Cole's girlfriend for two months. When Jane accidentally left the camp boundaries while playing capture the flag, a giant scorpion killed her.

Sabrina and Cole ended up getting married and they had two kids: Sam and Mary.

Weapons and armor

Cole uses a sword, Strike which courses with electricity; a gift from his father. If it touches something, such as skin or clothes, it crackles and burns that thing. Armor reflects the electricity effects. His jacket can turn into a bronze chestplate, and his wristband can help him fly for short periods of time.


Cole, as a child of Zeus can send lightning from his hands. He can also glide short distances, but to fly up, he has to be wearing his special wristband. He can create storms, but it drains his energy alot.

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