Josh's P.O.V

It took quite a while to tour the new girl who is Mia Bailey. So far, she hasn't talked a single word, but instead uses her notepad to communicate with me. I kinda find it quite lengthy to communicate that way, but I guess it's fine after a few moments.

I toured Mia, as the Hephaestus cabin were building the Astraeus Cabin, and the meantime, she's going to sleep in my cabin.

Just then, a conch horn blew, and we are all told to group by at the Campfire. I grabbed Mia's hand.

"It's time to go to campfire, Mia." I told her as she followed me to the campfire. I was feeling a little nauseous so I hopped on Mia's shoulder. Mia didn't seem to mind as she walked towards the campfire.

As soon as we got to the Campfire, Mia put me down, and I scooted over next to her. Chiron is already in the middle of the campfire, stomping his hooves to try to get the campers to listen to him.

"Alright. First of all, I must make an apology on this extremely urgent meeting on the afternoon." Chiron explained. "This is why: A few weeks ago, there has been some conflict between the two goddesses: Demeter and Artemis. From what I've heard is that the hunters of Artemis destroyed entire flower fields which makes Demeter angry since Demeter have been creating that flower field for centuries. Now, they have resort this case to Zeus, but Zeus was either tired or he just doesn't want anymore conflict happening between the olympian gods and therefore he sent both goddesses to Mount Othrys to solve the problem."

"That is bad. Really bad." I murmured.

I noticed Mia is writing on her notepad, and she showed it to me. It read: Why is it really bad?

I sighed. "Mia, Mount Othrys is the base of the titans, the enemy of the gods. There are so many dangerous enemies at that mountain, especially the powerful monsters such as Echidna, Chimera and Typhon."

Mia nodded, and we kept listening to Chiron.

"So now, we need 3 people to go on this quest. Mia, could you please stand up?" Chiron said.

Mia stood up, and walked beside Chiron.

"Mia here will lead your quest. Now...." Chiron stopped to look at what Mia is writing. "We.... Josh McLean! Please come up!"

So, I came up to Mia, and looked what she wrote. She wrote: Josh McLean and Annabeth Chase are going to help me in this quest.

I hugged Mia, and I take another good look. I noticed that the word Annabeth Chase in her notepad wasn't written by her. It must have been written by Chiron.

"Now, we will have Annabeth Chase joining our quest!" Chiron said, and Annabeth stood up and stood beside me and Mia.


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