Mia stared blankly as Josh told Chiron who she was and who her godly parent was. Mia had no idea who this 'Astraeus' guy was, so hastily wrote in her notebook: "Who's Astraeus?"

Josh laughed at loud, and said: "He's the titan of stars. C'mon, let's go to your cabin."

So, Mia walked to her cabin guided my Josh, where she was met by another girl. "Hiya, I'm Laurel, you?"

Josh smiled and explained. "Oh, hai then Mia, let me give you a tour."

Ten minutes later, Mia had been taken on a tour for the second time that day. She felt much better. She had two new friends. A new home, much better. Little did she know, it was soon to be cruelly interuppted.

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