Connor Adams is the son of Metis and a magician whos father was Apollo and mother was Phusis.


Connor's true form has spiky, black hair, dark gray eyes and white skin.


Connors personality can change due to his acting skills, but his true personality is: He is kind, frendly, will always watch your back and will never break a promise.


  • Shapeshifting,
  • Extremely clever;
  • Great at fighting;
  • Great stratagist;
  • Can create a wall of pure force;
  • Mystiokinesis,
  • Charmspeak,
  • Technokinesis,
  • The gift of foresight;
  • skilled at acting;
  • Geokinesis,
  • Can talk to animals;
  • Skilled at fighting with any weapon;
  • Chlorokinesis.


  • mageía (a wooden staff that amplifies Connors powers);
  • kataraménos (an asimenios silver makhaira);
  • lathraía (an asimenios silver knife).



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