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Takes place 2 months after Less Then Ever Loved.

Chapter 1: The Last 2 Months

Genie's POV

In the last two mopnths lots had happened. I had grown more confident, always carrying Mist, a gift from my Mom. I had gone on a quest, and had a small accident. (I had acidentally fallen into the River Lethe, Percy's powers kept me dry but like a rebirth my appearence changed. I got black hair and blue eyes, instead of my brown hair and eyes.) I had turned twelve. I had killed the Nemean Lion. I felt good. But some sad things haf happened to- My friend Lizzy's death and my sibling Hope's leg. Lizzie had died in a siege, and Hope had lost the use of her leg.

It had been 2 weeks since I had returned from the quest. The Hecate campers had a Movie Night and we watched:

How to Train Your Dragon

Alice in Wonderlan

The Lightning Thief (It was hilairious.)


Iron Man 2.

I t was so fun i almost forgot about Luke. But he hadn't forgotten about me.

Luke's POV

I had found Genie's brother! Ben! I had immediatedly pitted him against Genie. Here was my tale:

Genie betrays Kronos: the Real Version. (Not)

Genie had begged to join me. I had taken her in with cauation.

She had stolen into Camp begged THEM to take her in and led an attack on us.

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