Cordelia H

Cordelia "Delia" Elise Hunt is an unclaimed seventeen-year-old demigod.

Young Mother

When Delia was about five years old, her mother died in a car crash. She went to live with her aunt and uncle, but social services removed her from their care after she was beaten by her uncle. Delia stayed at Camp Half-Blood ever since. She never had any friends, boyfriends, etc. She never got invited to parties or had a social life. All that everyone did was either ignore Delia or bully her.

As a young teen, she had an affair with the god Zeus. She ended up pregnant and had a daughter, Caitlin Hunt.

Delia and Caitlin live on the Princess Andromeda. Delia joined Kronos while she was pregnant - partly because she was angry at her father for not claiming her, partly because she was angry at Zeus for dating her and leaving after getting her pregnant (fully aware that she was not capable of raising a baby), and partly because she had nowhere else to go.

The story is centered on Delia raising her daughter.


Delia looks a lot like her deceased mother. She has fair skin and rust-colored hair with blonde highlights. Her bright blue eyes are said to always be full of hurt, fear, and pain. She's about 5'5 tall and weighs something like 129 lbs.


With a past like Delia's, who would develop much of a personality? She hardly knows herself at all. But it is clear that she's shy, emo, and very bottled-up. She scarcely shows any emotion whatsoever. Delia has ADHD, dyslexia, and attachment disorder.

Known Family


  • She was originally in a story called Daddy, which was très non approprié.

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