Oracle of Lebadeia The Hunters have a silver aura and are probably stronger, faster, and more accurate than the average demigod/nymph/mortal, as in Titan's Curse, during Capture the Flag, Percy describes them as running "as fast as a cheetah". They carry magic silver bows, arrows, and two hunting knives, which appear whenever they are needed by the Hunters. However in The Battle of Manhattan they all had swords at their sides. They are eternally young unless they break their oath. If a Hunter falls in love, Artemis will remove their "immortality" as falling in love would break their oath to Artemis. While they cannot die from natural causes (illnesses, age, etc), they can be killed. They are usually accompanied by animals that will help them hunt, such as wolves and hunting birds, and in The Lost Hero it is shown that the Hunters and their wolves can communicate, or at least understand each other. In the summer, Hunters wear white shirts, silver jackets, silvery camo pants and black combat boots. In the winter, they wear silver ski jackets, blue jeans and the same boots.  The Hunters also carry special equipment that makes setting up a camp site easy. For example, they have small boxes (about the size of a pack of chewing gum) that can easily be carried in their bags, but can expand into a full sized white silk tent.

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