It was unseasonably cold for September in West Virgina. The lower regions of the Appalachians were covered in snow. The Hunters of Artemis were tracking a giant bobcat. It had destroyed some small cabins nearby, and terrified some hermits. The Hunters were trying to stop it before it caused any serious damage. They hadn't actually seen it yet, but judging from its footprints, it was massive.

Phoebe halted the group. "Somebody else is here," she whispered. "Proceed with caution." They quietly sneaked thru the forested area. They continued like this for about 15 minutes.

Suddenly, they heard a loud noise, and a huge shape came running thru the forest. The bobcat had half-a-dozen arrows sticking out of its neck. "Raaaaaaaarrrrrrr" it shrieked. All at once, the Hunters fired at it. All of them found their mark. The monsters dissolved into dust. A boy came running out of the woods, dressed in white snow gear.

"Stop!" yelled Phoebe, as all 15 Hunters pointed their bows at him. "Who are you to interfere with the Hunt? Lady Artemis would inflict severe punishments on you if she was here. We can do the same."

"No, I don't think she would." stated the boy.

"And why is that?" Asked Phoebe.

"Because I'm Corey Summers: her son."

Corey Summers- Chapter One: Backstory

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