Corey, Amy, and Jimmy got off the bus and walked through the town, not really knowing what they were looking for. Soon, they walked past a giant baseball bat, and found themselves at the Louisville Slugger bat factory.

"You don't think..." Corey trailed off.

"It couldn't hurt to look inside." said Jimmy. Of course, given the fact that they were demigods, it could very well hurt.

As soon as he walked inside, Corey felt a metalic hand clamp over his mouth and a strong arm pull him into a uninhabited corridor. Corey fought against his captor to no avail. He was taken into a poorly lit room, where he and his friend were shoved against a wall.On the wall, there was a poster with the words, "OVER-RAN-US" in large, block letters.

"Demigods." said a man in the corner, his voice the growl of a bear. "You should know never to come here. Unless of course, you're trying to get killed." The man's face came into view. He looked about fifty, with a red beard that covered most of his face. "If so, then you've come to the right place."

"So what if we have?" asked Corey, a mix of sarcastic and bitter. "What's it to you? And for that matter, who are you?"

"My name," he paused for dramatic effect,"Is Jeffy."

"Wow. Jeffy is an incredibly sinister and imposing name. It's really striking terror in our hearts." said Corey, his voice dripping with sarcasm.

" 'Tis not me you should fear. I, like you am a demigod. Son of Hephaestus. What you should fear is the monster that has been hunting me for a year."

"And what is the said monster?" asked Amy, taking a more diplomatic approach.

"I'm not sure. It's been a year and I still have yet to see. However, I know I cannot defeat it. I'm afraid it is destined to be impossible to defeat." Jeffy said, gravely.

"Isn't everything?" Corey's rhetorical question hung in the air for a minute until Jimmy broke the silence.

"And why is it impossible to defeat?" asked Jimmy, ever the optimist. "I'm sure we can find a way."

"I was told by the gods that, this time around, it could only be defeated by a demigod child of Artemis. It's also supposed to be the way to recieve her blessing. Preposterous, right?" he said, dejectedly.

A smile played across Jimmy's face,"I believe we are both in luck."


After they had imformed Jeffy that Corey was the son of Artemis, Jeffy told them that the monster could only be killed in a way that all four of them deemed absurd. They were able to devise a plan, however unlikely to succeed it was.

Jeffy put a carcass of meat that he got form who-knows-where out to lure th beast, while Jimmy and Corey set up in position. "Remind me again how hitting a baseball into the monster will kill it?" said an oncredulous Corey, holding a baseball bat.

"Obviously, its a magical baseball. Plus, Jeffy said you have to get a head shot. Its part of the challenge." Jimmy said, like it was the most readily apperant thing in the world.

"The Fates must be bored. Or they hate me. Its definatley one of the two." said Corey. He also suspected the gods hated him, but he couldn't do anything about it at the present time. Someday, he would make things better, but right now, he needed to slay the mystery monster.

"Look on the bright side, if you survive this, you will ahve quite the story to tell. If not, well, lets not think about that." said Jimmy, trying to help out.

"Way to put the thought out of my mind." grumbled Corey.

Any other banter was cut short when something darted in and out of Corey's view. It leaped from the shadows onto the carcass, and proceeded to rip it to pieces. Jimmy tossed him the ball, and he hit it towards the beast. His first shot missed the manticore by a couple of feet. It did succeed in drawing its attention away from the dead meat and onto the live. Corey tried again, but to no avail. The manticore charged towards them, and they took the wise option and ran like Hades.

They ran until they reached a room full of conveyor belts. Thats when Corey remembered they were in a factory. The room went about twenty feet high, with belts every five feet. Corey jumped on the first one, pulled himself onto the second one, and did that until he reached the top. By that time the manticore had entered the room. Jimmy tried to distract the beast with a baseball bat he was using as a sword, but Corey figured that wouldn't last long. Thats when he noticed th conveyor belt was moving him along, towards a machine with some nasty blades. Corey tried to run the other way, slipped and fell. He managed to catch the edge with one hand, a bat he had grapped off the belt in his other. He hung there, as the the manticore started to become bored with fighting Jimmy, who was holding his own very well. Just then, he realized he still had a ball in his shirt pocket.He reached his hand upwards, putting the bat pack on the belt. He then grapped the ball and through it straight up in the air. He grapped another bat, and, as the ball fell to his knees, swung it underhand and hit the ball.

The manticore was jumping from the first rack to the second as a ball hit it straight in the face. It dissolved into a pile of monster dust, as a divine light came onto Corey. After it was over, and he had dropped to the ground, he noticed he felt stronger, and more aware.


"I take it it worked?" asked Amy, when they got back and found her and Jeffy waiting anxiously.

"It did." said Corey. He wasn't sure how happy he felt about going towars his possible death, but the mortals needed him. If his visions were right, they needed him very bad. While the gods were not doing so well in his book right now, the mortals hadn't done anything wrong. "We need to get to Atlanta, and we need to get there very soon."

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