Jeffy offered to drive them to Atlanta in his car. Being the son of Hephaestus, he had made some modifications to the vehicle.

As they barreled down the highway at 400 MPH, somehow not hitting any mortal cars, Corey asked Jeffy about something that was bugging him,"I noticed that if you combine the letters on the front and back license plates,you get, 'Over-Ran-Us,' which was also written on the wall of your room. What does that mean?"

"I don't have the slightest idea." said Jeffy, "I could never figure out what the writing on the wall meant, and I never noticed the license plates. Weird."

"Maybe it is a coincidence." said Jimmy, not really beleiving what he was saying. At this point, none of them wanted to deal with new problems, and Corey doubted the "coincidence" was a good thing. Still, they had other matters to discuss:

"So, whats the plan when we get to Atlanta?" asked Amy.

"Find the monster, kill it, try not to die." Corey said.

"Oh, keeping it simple I see." said Jimmy. "Always a good plan."

"The last part will be the hardest." said Amy.

"And try not to over run us, or whatever that thing said." said Jimmy.

"Somehow, I think its more than a gramaticaly poor sentance." said Amy.

"Since we have the time though, we should discuss a stragety." said Jimmy, "I think we should figure out where the monster is, then get to a higher ground so Corey can have a good angle to shoot from. The question is, how do we find a monster in a very large city?"

"It will be heading for, or already at, the CDC." said Corey.

"Question 1: What is the CDC? Question 2: How do you know this?" asked Amy.

"CDC stands for, "Center for Disease Control." Its basically a bunch of scientists who try to stop diseases and stuff. Thats it, in an unbeleivebly basic nutshell" Then, Corey told them about his dream.

"Thats bad, so its not the least bit surprising." said Jimmy.

"We need to find it and kill it before it gets inside and wrecks the place. The line: If you fail, then plague will be released now makes sense. That places studies diseases, so it would obviously have many in labs. If the Teussmessian Fox gets in there, well, it could release a lot of plauge.

"Well then, its a good thing we are almost there." said Jeffy. He got off the highway, onto the exit that led into Atlanta.

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