Ever since he was a little boy, Corey had wondered who his mother was. His father would never tell him her name, only certain things about her. Corey's father, Patrick Summers, was the best hunter in the South. His father, Corey's grandfather, had started teching him when he was six. Patrick ended up winning multiple Olympic Gold medals in shooting and archery. He had his own show on the Hunting Channel, with the un-original name of Night Hunting.

Patrick told Corey that the only two people he had ever met that were a better shot than him were Corey's mother and Corey himself. Corey prefered a bow to a gun. Corey had hunted every type of game in Kentucky, his home state.

Corey always got good grades in school, despite his ADHD and Dyslexia. When he was 13, Patrick finally told him the truth about his mother: she was the Greek goddesse Artemis. At first he was skeptical, but it made sense. His father told him he would have to make it to Camp Half-Blood by himself. He understood they would initally not belive him, but eventually be claimed.

Corey set out on his journey. On the way to Camp Half-Blood, he encountered a giant bobcat. He stalked it thru the woods, hunting it. He ended up shooting it six times in the neck, before it ran away. He chased it thru the woods. He found a pile of monster dust, and about fifteen girls with their bows pointed at him.

"Stop!" yelled one of the girls. "Who are you to interfere with the Hunt? Lady Artemis would inflict severe punishments on you if she was here. We can do the same."

"No, I don't think she would." stated Corey.

"And why is that?" Asked the same girl.

"Because I'm Corey Summers: her son."

Corey Summers- Chapter Two: Corey and the Hunters

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