It took about a day for the train ride from New Haven to Louisville. Apollo had given Corey money for the train. At first, he asked Amy if she could just open up an underworld passage, but she could only do it over short distances, no more than half-a-mile. The train ride gave them an oppurtunity to talk.

"So what do you think we're going to have to do in Louisville, Kentucky?" asked Jimmy.

"I don't know, but I doubt it will be anything easy." said Corey, unhappily.

"Well duh." said Amy. "But Corey, we need to talk. Your're trying to get the Blessing of Artemis to stop the fox. Now we know that its basically the same blessing Laelaps had. You see where I'm going with this?"

"Yeah, if i'm "destined" to kill whatever I hunt, and the Teumessian fox can't be cought, than it will create a paradox, and like the first time, we will both get turned to stone by Zeus." said Corey, who already feared this.

"It doesn't have to be stone, but yeah. I'm worried you're going to die." said Amy. Being reassuring was not her strong suit.

"I hate to interrupt you two smiley rays of light, but the food carts here." said Jimmy. With more of Apollo's money, they bought some food, the mood of the room much darker than before.

"Corey, that just hypothetical disscussion. Try not to think to much about it." said Jimmy, who was trying to be helpful. Apollo's money had been enough to get them into a room with beds. They went to bed, and Corey had an awful dream.

He was in a city, but something was terribly wrong. Fifty feet to his right, he saw a news caster, reporting live. "The military has set up a system of blockades, equipped with land mines to destroy the tank. It is some sort of new, experimental weapon. Every weapon fired at it falls out of the sky before reaching it. Our experts think it is some sort of force field. The country that the tank is from is still unknow, but latest reports say it is heading for the C.D.C." Across the city, he heard the military fire what sounded like a very large missle, and Corey awoke with a start from his nightmare.

"Corey." said Jimmy, shaking him awake. "We're here. We made it to Louisville."

Chapter Eight: The Fates Must Be Bored

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