Avatar Crystal


Crystal García is a daughter of Hades


Crystal has black hair and pale skin with dark eyes that make her avoided often. She cuts herself, since she is depressed and her parents and older step brother are abusive. She used to wear alot of black and dark blue, but became more gothic since finding out she was a daughter of Hades.

Hatred is All You Can Have

Crysal is seen as an abused child, and after being put in a mental hospital after seeing a fury, a classmate of hers who thinks she is a demigod goes to camp to get her out. She and Nico di Angelo get her out, and she is soon claimed by Hades.

While walking with Nico, they come upon an enemy camp, formed from remains of Luke's army. After being caught, they steal a car, but are shot down and crash.

At the hospital, they both experiance NDEs and are able to talk to eachother. They go to camp, wondering if anyone will be able to see them, and are spotted by Rachel Elizabeth Dare in the Hades cabin.

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