Dagger Aaron James (born December 3, 1995) is a currently unclaimed demigod.


Dagger is walking along in Watchong with his friend Myron when a Fury attacks the duo. Myron kills it and rushes Dagger home.


Dagger has short, spiky black hair and grey eyes. He also has pale skin. He weighs 142 lbs. and is 6'2 feet tall.


Dagger is very kind and smart. However, he can get angry when no one notices him due to his disability of being unable to talk. Instead, he uses sign language to communicate.

Theme Songs

  • Caught In A Dream - All Insane Kids
  • Another Brick In The Wall - Pink Floyd
  • Citizen Soldier - Three Doors Down


  • Derek James (Father)
  • Jessica James (Stepmother)
  • Unknown Goddess (Mother)

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