The prologue of Daphne's Diary. Enjoy! SallyPerson 01:02, February 17, 2010 (UTC)

Dear Diary, I was at dinner in the pavilion when yet again, I felt it coming. I'm talking about when I'm about to make a prophecy. And just because I'm feeling good after my favorite dinner, (lamb and roast potatoes) I'll wager this prophecy is gonna be good. Well duh it is. It's from me. I've never told a depressing or bad prophecy before. Suddenly, there was something inside me. I opened my mouth and another's words came out:

"Three will go east, across the sea

Two to the west but with heavy fee

You will search for the cauldron, black as coal

You will give into temptation and pay the toll

The price go unpaid and the quest left unfinished

All five return but their families diminished.

Three will return the cauldron dry

Two will fall to a goddess' lie

to be rescued by nightfall or life pass away

and never return to the light and the day."

Sometimes I have no idea what I said. This time, I knew. Every word. The camp was silent as they all stared at me in horror. Did I say I had never made a bad prophecy? Jinx. Man, I need to keep my mouth shut.

Next Chapter: The Start of the Quest

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