Dawn West is a daughter of Apollo. She is featured in Goodbye Morning and mentioned in The Unveiling.

Dawn is deceased! in Goodbye Morning and The Unveiling. Some stories will feature her alive however.


This is of the character's personality when..err not dead.

Dawn, despite being blind, has a deep insight into people's feelings. She can counsell anyone and they would listen. Being around her and listening to her optimistic attitude makes people feel better about themselves and happier. Dawn could get quite lonely at times and when people talk bad about her, she takes it very personally.

Dawn could make friends with anyone when it didn't include fighting, training or doing anything which she was handicapped for. She hates taking part in group activities because she feels she will ruin the team. Dawn was extremely loyal and loving towards her siblings and boyfriend (Matt Miller).


Screen Shot 2012-11-11 at 8.55.05 AM

This is of the characters appearance before cancer and err...when not dead.

Dawn has golden hair and orange-brown eyes which have a slight mist over them indicating she is blind. She has golden tan skin and bright, white teeth. She stands at 5'5 and is at a healthy weight, if not a bit thin. SHe loves wearing tan-brown colours or bright firetruck red. She LOVES anklets.


In The Unveiling and Goodbye Morning, she was in love with Matt Miller.

In The Unveiling, it is mentioned she was closest in age and personality to her brother Alex Carter.

In The Unveiling, it is mentioned she despised her Alex Carter's girlfriend Poppy due to teasing.



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