Chapter One - Dionysus POV

Dear Mr Dionysus,

You probably don't know me. However, I know you. My half sister Leila went to your camp with you when you were younger, your summer camp in Long Island. Now, apparentally, you are in charge of the camp. Leila's child Robert goes there now, he says it is fun. Robert lives with me when he is not at camp and he is always happy. I am cheerful to say that because your camp is obviously good, I will be sending my wife's and my daughter, Charlotte, to your camp! She is a bright student and very sporty! She's going with Robert and will hand you this note! Lots of thanks, Mr Bryan Burhe.

I hit myself. This mere mortal thought this was a camp for normal children? I looked at the pair in front of me.

Robert or was it Riley? He was standing there with a cheeky grin and sparkling blue eyes. Son of Hermes, if I remember correctly. He had five beads on his camp necklace and he'd played a few games against my satyrs I had heard. Not that he would have won.

Next to him was a girl around fifteen. She had blonde hair the colour of the sun and sky blue eyes. Her clothes made her look like a tom boy and a cigarette sat in her hand like a caterpillar. I scowled in disgust. This must be Charlotte or was it Sherly? Who cares.

"You are going home now!" I barked then the girl spoke.

"Nah ah. I know who you are. I know what you are. My name is Charles."

Chapter Two - Charle's POV WIP

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