My Roxas Picture


My name is Cailin Trearty and I'm 11 years old. I'm the most Awsomest and Craziest person you will ever meet. Anyway here is my Story.

Dear Diary,

Ok so I was on the computer Today (I'm on the computer WAT too much) Listening to Linkin Park Numb (I love that band Mostly because most of the songs descibe my life) and reading Percy Jackson and The Olympians: The Battle oh the Laynbirth, Percy Jackson is the 3rd best book series EVER! Well next to Twilight and Harry Potter but that's not the point I was reading It and my mom Yelled at me to go outside and get some fresh air. Of course I did'nt want to It was cold outside I HATE the cold but my mom said that the sun came out. So i went outside with my Red I-Pod and Percy Book. Then Mrs.Reyers my next door neighbour dog Riley came up to me. Riley is big with jet black fur and Blood red eyes I think she is a Hellhound.

Dear Diary,

Today I was drawing Roxas from Kingdoms Hearts I LOVE THAT GAME!!!! anyway I was drawing well more like tracing. Yeah I was tracing a picture I found on the Google and colored it. It looked good. I'm borde diary Camp Is no fun on sundays...Yes I'm talikgn about Camp Half-Blood I found out I was the daughter of Rhea Goddess Of Heros

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