Dionysus commits the horrific crime of racism and gets burned at the stake. One-shot. I think I've been watching too much YouTube Poop. Sparrowsong 04:03, February 7, 2010 (UTC)

Chapter One

Dionysus pointed at a red-haired camper and laughed.

"Ha ha!" he taunted. "Carrot top!"

Everyone turned around and looked at him. Their jaws dropped and their eyes got huge.

"Did you just call that ginger kid a carrot top?!" Chiron gasped.

"Yeah," Dionysus responded. "Everyone knows that ginger kids are losers!"

"That's horrible!" Clarisse screamed. "You should be burned at the stake!"

"Uhh...for what?" Dionysus idiotically asked.

"Racism, of course!" Travis Stoll exclaimed. "Everyone knows that it's racist to make fun of red-haired people!"

"Because obviously, redhead is a race!" Katie Gardner added.

The campers all formed an angry mob and chased Dionysus with torches.

They finally caught up to him and were able to tie him to a stake.

Percy set the stake on fire.

"Burn! Burn! Burn!" the campers chanted.

They all laughed their a**es off as Dionysus burned to death in excruciating pain.

Then they went to console the sobbing, traumatized redhead.

The End

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