Diplomacy: Impossible takes place in the year 2000, five years before Percy Jackson discovered that he was the demigod son of Poseidon.

Lillian Philips, daughter of Philia, has been at Camp Half-Blood for seven years. During that time she has yet to go on her own quest, sure she's gone on quests before, but not one of her own. One day she received a vision from Hera telling her that she was to travel to California on a diplomatic quest.


Camp Half-Blood


Chapter 1: A Vision from the Lady of the House

Chapter 2: Nightmares in the Daytime

Chapter 3: Set Out

Chapter 3.5: Boarder's Awareness

Chapter 4: The First Step


  • I got the idea for this story after seeing a goddess called Amphictyonis, goddess of friendship between nations

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