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Chapter One

dora was going on a quest with Nico and Annsabeth.

They were attcked by Medusa.

"Do you see Medusa??" dora said to no one in particular.

"jUST HELP US!!!" nico yelled.

Dora slashed off Medusa's head.

"do you see medusa's head??"

the blue arrow clicked it and turned to stone.

Chapter two

they were attacked by swiper.

Swiper wanted to get Dora's backpack.

"Swiper no swiping! Swiper no swiping!!" Dora started.

SHING!!!!!! after a bad cut on the arm from Nico's swrod Swoper went off to rob Zues.

There was a flash of lightning in the didtance. They heard a dee[p voice rumbling, "SWIPER NO SWIPING! SWIPER NO SWIPING! SWIPER NO SWIPING!!"

Then they heard Swiper say, "Oh man!!! I guess I'll try Kronos."

Chapter Three

Then they were attacked by the minotaur.

"RAWWWR!" he growled.

"Do you see the minotaur??" Dora said.

The blue arrow flew into the minotaurs horn and shattered into 100 pieces.

Meanwhile, Nico and Annabeth fought the Minotaur.

"Hm, maybe we'll jhave something to kill the minotaur in Backpack. Yell BACKPACK!!!" said Dora.

Nothing happened.

"She can't here you!!" Dora yelled.

A desperate Annabeth yelled "BACKPACK!!!"

"All right," Nico muttered then yelled "Backpack!!!"

Backpack opened and sang the backpack song as items flew out of the backpack. The minotaur covered his ears till it was over.

Dora started going over the content of the backpack. "Will this defeat the Minotaur? Book, crayons, teddy, map, pioson, doll- wait poisoin!!!"

Dora sprayed the pioson over the minotaur and he disintegrated.

Chapter Four

It was the end of the quest.

All of a sudden, music burst out of nowhere!"

"We did it! we did it Comeone! o we did it!!!" Dora sang.

"Oh, I love this song." Anabeth said and sang along.

Nico leaned against a tree. "I HATE this song!!" he groaned.

"Tell me about it," said someone. Nico turned around and almost screamed.

It was Boots.

Meanwhile Dora asked Annabeth hewr favorite part of the mission.

"I loved fighing Medusa," Annabeth exclaimed then added, "DAD I told you I'd meet her someday!"

THE END!!!!!!!!!!!

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