Draco Aarons (born October 31st, 1995) is the demigod son of Melinoe.

Iceus Drake and Aeolus' Staff

He is Iceus' best friend. He accompanies Iceus' on his quest. Later, he finds and rescues Aeolus by shadow traveling. At the end, he tells Iceus that their dead friend Siry is happy and living in Elysium.

He has dreams throughout the story.

Love has Consequences

He is the godfather of Alice and Iceus' unborn child. Alice often gets angry at him throughout the story. He goes with Iceus and Alice to get Alice an ultrasound.


He has black hair, brown eyes, and Caucasian skin. He is 6 feet 1 inch tall, and weighs 165 pounds.


He usually sits on the sidelines. However, he is reasonable and compassionate. Thirdly, he takes good care of his friends. He doesn't talk much, using actions often.

Theme Songs

  • How to Save A Life - The Fray
  • Face Me - Edsim & Mahlta


  • Shadow Traveling
  • Summoning the dead
  • Talking to ghosts
  • Dream deciphering
  • Never afraid
  • Invulnerable to induced sleep


  • Melinoe (Mother)
  • Other children of Melinoe (Half-siblings)

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