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Draco Malfoy
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Former Son of Hecate
God of the Gods
King of Olympus
Vital Statistics
Date of Birth 5 June (in first life time)

4 June (in second life time)
6 June (in third life time)

Current age Immortal, no age.
Gender Male
Family Zeus (father)
Hera (mother)
Status Immortal
Eye Color Gray
Hair Color White Blonde
Height As tall as he wants to be
Alias Malfoy
Affiliation Gods
Weapons Master Lightning Bolt
Helm of Darkness
Species God
Home Olympus
Appearances Godly
Quests None

Draco Lucius Malfoy is the son of Zeus and Hera. He is the god of the gods, king of Olympus, as he is the legacy of all gods, but Artemis, Hestia, and Hera - Hera being his mother.


Draco Malfoy was first born a wizard. Like all wizards, he went to Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. He was on the Death Eaters' side for The Battle of Hogwarts, but soon left. Draco had a child with Astoria Greengrass and had a child name Scorpius Malfoy, who had the personality much like his father. Draco was murdered by a muggle killer who was directing their gun at Scorpius, but Draco got in the way, hitting him in the chest. His last words were, "I just had to die by a muggle, didn't I?"

Like all humans, Draco went to the Underworld and was examine by the Underworld judges. Minos, and William Shakespear said he go to Elysium, while Thomas Edison said he go to The Fields of Asphodel. In the end, he was sent to Elysium.

He stayed there for 6 years, then decided it was time to rebirth. He did all the procedures and was born to Lance Johnson and Hecate, goddess of magic, coincidentally. He was placed in Camp Half-Blood at age 12, and stayed their for 4 years, when the second war between the Titan's and the God's came. During the war, Draco was stabbed in the back, right near his spine. Only minutes after a child of Apollo, Justin Bieber, found him and tried to help him, but within 5 minutes Justin announced Draco dead. His last words this time were, "Of all children of Apollo, you had to come rescue me..."

In that life time, Draco did rather violent things, which would have sent him to The Fields of Punishment, if it wasn't for the fact that he was on the Gods' side and died a hero, so was sent to Elysium again.

After 3 and a half years, Draco decided to rebirth. He once again did all procedures, and this time he was born to Zeus and Hera, the king and queen of Olympus.

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