Draco Malfoy - God of the Gods


Draco Malfoy was just a typical wizard. Like all wizards. He went to Hogwarts, had children with of course a pureblood, they had children, and now his great grand children have children. Unfortunately, Draco has died. He went to Elysium... and now he is back. He's decided to rebirth... and now he's a half-blood.

Draco went on quest, battled the giants, had children and that's where it stops... He landed in Elysium, thankfully, and now he's ready to rebirth yet again. This time, he is... the child of Zeus and Hera.

After 13 years after he was born, the gods have finally turned him into a god... the god Wand and Demigod Technology. But how does Draco turn into the god of the gods? There's only one way to find out. Read.

--Hermione Chase

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