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Dream On

The fanfic for Alena and Eliska. The story will be in 3rd person, will be long, but each chapter will revolve only around one of the girls.

Alena and Eliska have been living in New York, New York for just shy of a year. Their father was murdered and the killer has never been found. Since then, they've been living in foster care with two other orphans who've suffered. Will the girls ever find truth in piles of lies?

Also, guys, if you don't know what Anemia is, search it up on Wikipedia.

CC is highly welcome

By the way, I couldn't stop listening to my playlist of songs that I am obsessed with. I'll make the playlist either here or in a blog later.

If you see any grammatical, spelling, punctuation errors feel free to correct them. And if you know Czech feel free to write in what I actually wanted to say but yeah. However, some grammatical errors are intentional. Like when one of the twins is trying to talk but is really scared/sad/etc. those are intentional because their English is not the best.

Since I am way too mad about the lack of OC/OC this one is full of it. Except for stuff that happens later BUT THAT'S BESIDE THE POINT.

Also, just gunna warn you all beforehand, the ending is gunna be really really really sad.

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Chapter One, Alena

Alena lied on her uncomfortable mattress, listening to her alarm play her least favourite song. It was some Linkin Park song that she could never bear to listen to. Of course, she had to live with music like that at school. Alena'd much rather listen to her old favourite song, Jednou by She missed her old home in České Budějovice.

Pulling herself out of bed, Alena walked towards the bathroom, grabbing her towel from it's place on her closet door. The light in the bathroom was already on and a voice was humming, horribly off tune, with an English song. The blonde teen rapped lightly on the door. Her twin sister, Eliska, opened the door, a hairbrush in hand and her light blue towel wrapped tightly around her body.

"Out, I need to shower," Alena rubbed at her eyes. She could hardly see without her contacts, which were in the bathroom.

"Fine," Eliska murmured, setting down her hairbrush and stumbling out of the small steamy room. Alena often made fun of her sister's clumsiness, even though she wasn't the most graceful girl ever.

After a hot shower, the older Czech girl made her way downstairs to eat breakfast. Surely enough, Eliska was there, chatting with Niels, the Danish boy. From what Alena'd heard, which wasn't much, Niels had lived in Denmark until he was five, then moved to Norway until he was seven. His father had left his mother and he stayed with his mother. The two of them had then moved to New York. The rest, no one knew and Niels didn't tell.

Alena made herself a bowl of cereal and a slice of toast. She sat and mostly listened to her obnoxious sister and Niels talk, once in a while throwing in a word or two. While the three teens sat around, their foster mother woke up. She was a very pretty lady and asked the kids to call her by her first name, Angelina.

"Hurry up, bus comes around in a half-hour, all of you." Angelina pestered, hand-brushing her chocolate brown hair.

Alena hurriedly finished her breakfast and headed upstairs to change. Angelina sent all her foster children to a private school. That meant uniforms. She slipped into her uniform and did her makeup. The school allowed minimal makeup but nothing like blush, lip stick, eye liner, and eye shadow. Alena grabbed her book-bag and waited patiently for her sister.

While the elder sister waited outside Eliska's room, she read her favourite piece of French literature. Les Miserables. She'd read it several times before and was quite fond of it. The depth, the twisted plot, and the risks that Victor Hugo had taken to write it... all of it perplexed her, and she often found herself reading it when there was nothing new to read.

"Ready," Eliska stepped out of her room. She wore the same amount of makeup as her sister and the only real way to tell them apart was their hair length and eye colour.

"Let's go, then," Alena tucked her book away in her bag and started for the stairs. She couldn't get the upcoming scene of her book out of her mind. Eponine is about to get shot through the hand. And die. What fun.

The twins waited for the bus in silence. Eliska listened intently to her iPod, which Alena could hear from a few feet away. She tried to ignore it and read on but it was some song that she despised with a passion. Turning to her sister, Alena placed her bookmark in and snapped her book shut.

"Zavřel, že věc se," Alena spat sharply. (A/N:: Google translate was used so it's not perfect. Meaning: Shut that thing up.)

Eliska gave her older twin an annoyed look. "Drž si nahoru." (A/N::"Shut yourself up.")

"Vypni to, nebo jsem si ho rozmlátit." (A/N:: "Turn it off or I get to smash it.")

"Ne! Byl to dárek k narozeninám od maminky! Ona tě nenávidí pokud to rozbil!" (A/N:: "No! It was a birthday present from mum! She'd hate you if you broke it!")

"Maminka je mrtvá, debile. Ona by to jedno." (A/N:: "Mum is dead, moron. She wouldn't care.")

Eliska turned her head away, along with noticeably changing the volume. An awkward silence hung over the sisters as their bus pulled up. They clambered on, Eliska nearly tripping over her own feet as she did. Alena sat next to her friend Skyler Mackenzie.

"Hey," Skyler grinned, moving her bag off of the seat beside her. "How're you?"

"Good. And you?" Alena murmured, plopping down onto the seat and smiling tentatively at her friend.

"Amazing. My mum told me I was going to some awesome summer camp this year. And she said I might be able to bring you and your sister."

Alena cringed, gaze looking away from Skyler and towards her sister, who sat with her friend, blabbing away. "That sounds really nice. Thank you for the offer. I'll ask my mum." She always referred to Angelina that way. It made her feel normal inside.

"I can't wait. She -- my mum -- says there's like, archery and horse-back riding there. It sounds so cool! I can't wait!"

"Summer break only happens in a week, Sky."

"I know, but still! She says that Jakob has to come though." Skyler scoffed, rolling her eyes. Jakob was her younger brother. They were a lot like the Skalsky twins, often fighting and not very fond of each other.

"Maybe he and Eliska will be best friends." Alena chuckled at the thought of the young boy and her sister ever becoming friends.

The bus ride was always fun for Alena but she couldn't say the same about school. She'd learned most of the Math last year and she was failing English, which wasn't surprising. She made her way to her desk, looking over her notes before Mrs Munoz walked in. All through her class, Alena felt dizzy and spacey. She got up just as the bell rang, walking slowly and carefully towards the door. The noise of the one-minute bell intensified, causing the Czech teen to black out in the middle of the classroom.

Chapter Two, Eliska

Eliska made her way towards Math class. She had it right after her sister did, thank God. If they'd had it together, she didn't know what she'd do. Walking into the classroom, she saw something that made her heart skip a beat. Despite the girls' rivalry, Eliska cared deeply for her sister. Alena was sprawled on the floor, eyes closed. For a moment, Eliska thought her older sister was dead.

"Get the school nurse, Eliska." Mrs Munoz told the blonde girl.

"Ano," Eliska nodded, her fingers starting to twist and twirl her hair. She started out of the classroom and through the halls towards the office. Asking for the nurse in the Mrs Munoz's classroom, she trembled. Eliska took a moment and went to get a breath of fresh air. Stepping into the frigid morning air, she took a few deep breaths.

It's going to be okay... It's going to be okay... It's going to be okay... Eliska thought over and over to herself, fingers shaking as she spun her hair around her index finger. Her sister had been diagnosed with Anemia a few years ago. Perhaps it had gotten more severe. Perhaps that was why she'd been so grumpy earlier; she'd just been tired. Eliska ground her teeth, focusing all her willpower on not crying.

It was a symptom in severe cases of Anemia that patients might suffer a heart attack. Eliska's thoughts raced. What if her sister had a heart attack? What if her Anemia turned into Aplastic Anemia? She bit her lip as she twirled her hair.

"Eliska?" A familiar voice asked, breaking her thoughts.

"A-ano?" The Czech girl replied. (A/N:: By the way, ano is Czech for yes.)

"Hey, are you okay? I heard about your sister."

Eliska turned her head to face the person. It was her friend Roman. She closed the space between them and embraced him tightly. He hugged his younger friend back, patting her on the back. "I'm scared..."

"I know you are, my dear. But come on, they've got Alena in the medical room. Let's get to class, mmkay?"

The short blonde girl nodded, following Roman and holding his hand. They went to their classroom and waited out the bell. All through class, Eliska could hardly focus, mind always wandering back to her sister. Her work lied before her, mostly untouched. She tried to focus on it, really did. Her mind wandered. Finally, she asked if she could go to the washroom and was given a hall pass.

Slinking out of the class, she made her way down the hall, slipping the hall pass into her bag. Eliska slipped out of the school and went home, knowing that was probably the first place her sister had ended up. It was either that or the hospital. Even though her foster house was quite a ways away, Eliska made it there within a half-hour. She sneaked into the house through the kitchen window, which was always left open.

The whole house was dark. Not a sign of any one, not even Angelina. However, there was a note on the fridge. It was in Angelina's hand. It read:

Dear Eliska,

I've taken your sister to the hospital. The school called me. I've left some money on the counter for a taxi. Please come.



Eliska swallowed hard. The hospital. That wasn't good. She hunted around for a minute or two before finding a small stack of coins and bills. Forty dollars total. Eliska caught a taxi to the hospital and tried hard not to cry as she was being driven. Even though she was sixteen, she'd decided not to drive. Her mother had also asked in her Will that the twins not drive. Their uncle had died in a car accident and their mother had refused to drive a car ever since.

The hospital was in walking distance now. Eliska waited for the taxi to pull up to the front until she get out. She paid and started to run towards the sterile building. She asked for her sister and the receptionist gave her a room number. She quickly scrawled it down on her wrist and went to find the room.

Angelina bumped into the stressed out teen on her frantic way to find her sister. "Whoa, calm down, Eliska." She soothed, grabbing the girls shoulders in an awkward half hug. "Here, I'll take you to her."

The teen nodded solemnly. She followed her foster mother to where she knew her sister was. Angelina said something but Eliska didn't comprehend it. It was something about being released just after Alena woke up and could walk and things along that line.

Walking into the room, Eliska saw her sister lying there awake. Her school uniform was slightly crumpled and her hair was dishevelled. Alena swung her legs over the side of the bed and stood up, stretching out and looking around. Eliska ran towards her sister and hugged her tightly.

"Get off me, freak." Alena pushed her younger sister away, causing her to stagger backwards before falling. The violet eyed girl looked up, shock apparent in her wide eyes.

"Don't be so mean, Alena." Angelina scolded, shaking her head.

"Whatever," It was normal for Alena to be sour but not like this, never like this. "I'm walking home."

Chapter Three, Alena

Storming out of the hospital, Alena tore off the bracelet and started for home. She had no money for a taxi and really didn't care. She had a terrible headache and was dizzy. Really all the blue eyed girl wanted to do was go home and sleep. She had her whole week planned out and most of it involved hanging out with Skyler. The two were indefinitely best friends.

"Alena!" Angelina's cross voice called from behind her.

The Czech girl started to run through the streets of Manhattan, pausing only in an alleyway between two buildings. She hid behind the walls, feeling secure as she heard Eliska and Angelina go by. Alena's feet felt sore as she stood there, catching her breath. She tugged at her clothing, doing her best to straighten it and her hair. She pulled a hairbrush out of her bag and started on her hair, using and old window as a mirror.

"Ahoj," A deep, male voice purred from behind Alena. (A/N:: Ahoj = hello. Oh and all j's in most any European language are pronounced as a y.)

She turned sharply, grasping at her brush as though it could and would save her life. In front of her stood a tall man, probably in his twenties. He was quite pale, being almost the same colour as her blouse. His hair was a short and unkempt tow-blond. His eyes were the most piercing part of his appearance, being such a shade of blue that they could only be explained as ice blue.

"Dobré odpoledne," Alena spoke in a voice she saved mostly for authority figures or boys she liked. "Can I help you?" (A/N:: Dobré odpoledne is good afternoon in Czech.)

"Come with me, Alena. I can take you to your mother."

"My mother is dead, I'm sorry. You must have me mixed up with someone else."

"Oh you're thinking of Mariska. Nice lady she was, too bad she died. She was Hungarian, you know. I met her once on a trip to Hungary. But no, Mariska was your step-mother."

Alena was stunned. This was nearly as shocking as hearing that Eliska wasn't her sister by blood. "Ne! Mŷlíš se!" (A/N:: "No! You're wrong!")

"I'm sorry, my dear, what's that? I don't speak Czech." The man murmured, mocking the girl's face.

"N-no! You're mad!" Alena cried.

The man laughed. "I guess I am. Come with me. I can show you a world of fantasy. We can live together, rule the world together. You're powerful, Miss Skalsky. Very powerful. Perhaps more powerful than me."

"I hate being power!"

"Alena Natasza Skalsky, come with me the easy way or the hard way. I'm warning you."

Alena tried to sprint away, wishing that she'd been better to Angelina and Eliska. Wishing that she'd gone home with them. None of this would've happened. She could be safe at home, texting Skyler, Mathias, and Eírik her friends back in České Budějovice. It was a wasted effort, trying to get away. The man caught her arm and tugged her back into the shadows. No matter how loud she tried to scream, nothing worked. Resistance was futile.

"Shhh..." The man handed Alena a tissue to dry her tears on. Just minutes ago, they'd been on the streets. Now they sat in the back of a heavily guarded black car.

"Wh-who are you?" Alena choked.

"My name is Luke. You're going to be a queen, love."

I doubt it, Alena thought angrily. She knew that this was probably going to be her last moments of life. She should savour them. When Luke left, going to sit up front, Alena's cell phone vibrated in her hand. It was a text from Skyler. She glanced at the clock in the upper right hand corner. Twelve thirty. Lunch time. She quickly read the text.

"Hey where are you? I heard about your spill. Are you okay?" Skyler'd asked.

Alena replied. "Sky, help me. You know my mum's number right? Tell her that I'm heading towards Long Island and I need help. Quick."

She knew that her friend would help her. It was her only hope, the only thing she had to still hold on to. That text could've saved her life.

Chapter Four, Eliska

The phone rang. Angelina answered it with a pleasant voice. Her voice immediately turned serious. That was the exact moment that Eliska knew something was wrong. Alena was probably with one of her friends and had been caught by a teacher or other trusted adult. That person had probably called Angelina to tell her that her foster child was skipping class.

"Eliska?" Angelina called, covering the mouthpiece of the phone. "Come here, would you, my dear?"

"Coming," Eliska replied in a sing-song voice. Her mouth went dry when Angelina explained what she'd heard. Grabbing the phone out of her foster mother's hand, Eliska demanded, "What did the message say?"

"It said, verbatim: 'Sky, help me. You know my mum's number right? Tell her that I'm heading towards Long Island and I need help. Quick. Love ya, Alena.'"

"Oh God... When she says she needs help she always means it. We need to help her."

"Dear," Angelina cut in. "I need to talk to you."

"Okay, I'll be at your house in fifteen minutes." Skyler hung up.

"What is it, Angelina?"

"My dear, in your father's secret Will he left in the social worker's care, he told me to tell you... Mariska is not your mother. He says that... Oh, Eliska. Sit down a moment, will you?"

She nodded and obeyed.

Angelina went on. "You studied Greek mythology back in Czech, right?"

Eliska nodded.

"And so I'm guessing you learnt about demigods. Well, you are one. I am too. In your father's letter, it didn't say anything about your real mother. I can tell you, my dear, that I'm a daughter of Eros. Your step-mother, as the letter said, was a daughter of Nike. I should've told you sooner but I wanted your English to be better."

The Czech girl was shocked. Mariska hadn't been her mother? Her father had cheated on his wife of fourteen years, the one he loved so much it was giving people hope. What was Bohuslav saying in the afterlife to her? Was he finally telling the truth? Or were there even more lies? Eliska's thoughts raced.

"Wh-what? O-omluvte mě?" The girl's violet eyes were wide. (A/N:: "P-Pardon me?")

"Once we get your sister back, we need to take you some place special, for kids like you."

"...There are others like me?"

"Yes. Many others, dear."

There was a pause. "How long have you known about this?"

"Since I was about... Oh, I dunno... Eleven. And I'm about twenty one now. Ten years."

Eliska nodded slowly. Another pause. "Skyler is going to be here in a few minutes. I-if you want I can get us some more help."

"Nah, us and Skyler should be fine, hun. Trust me."

Eliska nodded solemnly. Only a few times in her life had something gone this horribly wrong. Alena has gotten her fair share of scares as a child, nearly dying from being hit by a car when she was seven. Then there was that time that only Eliska remembered. When the both of them had almost been kidnapped by a strange man. The last time had been when they were twelve and Alena had gotten into a fight with their parents and run away. No one had been able to find her for just shy of a month.

Skyler showed up at Angelina's door a few minutes later, her outfit having totally changed from her school outfit. Her brown hair was straightened and her makeup was heavy. A perfect smoky affect was placed on her eyelids with a dark purple colour mixed with a few others. Her lips were a bright and shiny red, having used lip gloss atop the lip stick. Skyler's outfit was a little odd for a sixteen year old. She had on a black corset overtop a white dress shirt that had three buttons near the top left undone. Around her neck was a half tied black tie. Her skirt was simply poofy and black with some lace around the folds on it.

"Ready?" Skyler asked, her voice slightly apprehensive.

"Ready," Eliska nodded, taking in her sister's friend's outfit. Skyler laughed, noticing how the older girl glanced at her outfit.

"Ha, funny you should wonder. It was the outfit I was wearing when Alena and I met. All the way down to the makeup. And since she might have some memory loss, it might strike her as familiar and trigger something. It's just an unrealistic expectation."

"Ah, I see."

Piling together in Angelina's blue SUV, they went off to find Alena.

Chapter Five, Alena

Alena sat in a cold and dark room. Luke hadn't noticed she had a cell phone yet. It vibrated again in her hands. She looked at her newest text. It was from Mathias. Alena examined the message before her, tears pricking her eyes when he'd signed it with love. She flipped the keyboard to one side and replied, telling him a few lies. Just after sending him her sweet message, she received another message. This one was from Eírik.

"Hey, Ally," It read. "My parents told me that for my graduation (which is in about one week) I get to come and visit you. <3 I can't wait. Love, Eírik."

Alena let out a quiet sob. She replied, her eyes filling with tears as she did so. ":D That's amazing, Eírik. I can't wait either. I miss you a whole bunch. Better brush up on your English though. Love, Ally."

The blue eyed girl slipped her phone into her bag just as Luke walked in. He grabbed her upper arm, forcing her up. He tugged her along, taking her somewhere. She saw a dock and froze. If there was one thing Alena hated more than her sister's obnoxious friend's it was water. A cruise ship was docked at the bay, seemingly empty. She fought, she honestly fought Luke as he pulled her towards the ship.

"Let go!" Alena cried as she struggled out of Luke's grasp. She broke free and ran as fast as she could away from him and away from his perfect lies. Her feet barely touched the ground as she ran. When they did, a near satisfying click came from the heels.

Ducking into an alleyway, Alena took out her cell phone. She knew only one number that could save her right now. It might have seemed like she'd never do it before, never even think of a scenario where she asked Eliska for help. Punching in the number, she pressed the phone to her ear. It rung once... twice...three times...

"Alena?" Eliska's voice was surprised and a little happy.

"Eliška, musíš mi pomoct, prosím. Jsem v blízkosti doků." Alena gasped for breath but started to run again. (A/N:: "Eliska, you have to help me, please. I'm near the docks.")

"Za prvé, musíte se unklidnit, Alena. Doky? Kde? Jsme na cestě, jen vydrž." Eliska replied, her voice soft. (A/N:: "First off, you have to calm down, Alena. Docks? Where? We're on our way, just hold on.")

"Dobře, pojď rychle, hledá mě." (A/N:: "Okay, come quick, he's looking for me.")

Alena flipped her phone shut and stopped running. She gasped for breath, feeling like she was about to puke with every breath. She leaned forward on her knees and let her hair fall as a shield in front of her face. The blonde haired girl stared at the ground, feeling dizzy and sick. Her head spun and her ears rung.

"Alena!" Luke's voice called from a few feet away. Her head snapped up as she saw him. He hadn't seen her yet, and it was a miracle he hadn't. Alena's feet broke into action again, making her run her fastest. Her legs quivered in protest, wanting her to stop running so that she could rest. She'd never run this far this fast and not puked afterwards.

A blue SUV rolled past, having to crawl at the same speed as all the other traffic. It then pulled over and the back door swung open. Skyler, in the same outfit Alena'd met her in, sat there. Her face was twisted with a smile. She patted the seat next to her. Alena looked at the driver and front passenger. Angelina and Eliska. Clambering into the car, she still gasped for breath.

"Close the door, quick." Angelina commanded. There was a silence as Angelina turned off onto a more suburban road. They sped down it for a few minutes and then stopped. "Girls, I need to take you somewhere where you'll all be safe. Skyler, do you have a cell phone?"

"Yeah, why?" Skyler demanded, shifting uncomfortably in her seat. It was obvious she was trying to keep her fear at bay.

"I need to call your mother. I've talked with her about this."

Reluctantly, Skyler passed her phone to Angelina. There was a quick conversation between Carol and Angelina, explaining that they were going to some camp. When off the phone, Angelina turned the car around and started heading in the direction of Skyler's house. Within a few minutes, her car idled in front of it.

"Skyler, I need you to do this okay? I really need you to listen. Go inside and pack everything you'd need for a summertime at a camp. The weather will be hot so remember your shorts and sunscreen. Walk back to my house when you're done okay?" Angelina spoke clearly and softly.

"Okay," Skyler nodded, climbing out of the car and running towards her house.

Angelina drove to her house. She told the twins to do exactly like she'd told Skyler. They packed their things and waited downstairs for Alena's friend. While they waited, Niels walked in. He asked about the suitcases but only got a half-answer from Angelina.

"They're going some place new, Niels. Don't worry." She'd said.

Within a few minutes, it had started to storm outside. Skyler showed up, soaked through and through. Once again, they all piled into the car to leave. Alena couldn't stop texting Eírik and Mathias, replying to their messages. She didn't notice that they'd turned onto a rural road until Eliska poked her and pointed out the window.

The rain came down in sheets. There was a large hill emerging from the relatively flat ground. A pine tree dotted on the top, with some beastly creature guarding it. There was a shiny golden twinkle on one of the lower bows, something like a blanket or cloth. It was quite pretty.

"We're almost there girls," Angelina smiled.

The brunette woman had taken her gaze off the road and wasn't looking. They were headed towards a large Spruce tree.

"Look out!" Skyler cried, pointing at the wind-shield. It was a wasted attempt. Even though she tried to swerve away, they crashed into a ditch. That was the last thing that Alena remembered before it went black.

Chapter Six, Eliska

Eliska was the only one that stayed conscious. Angelina was hunched over, leaning on the horn and making it blare. Skyler, who'd been riding shotgun, was knocked out. Alena had a dribble of blood coursing down her face. The window on her side had broken and a shard had gone into her forehead. Eliska was woozy, having no idea what had just happened.

In a rush of fear, Eliska shook her older sister's body vigorously. Was she dead? "Alena! W-wake up!" She felt like crying. What if she was surrounded by dead people now? This was not a good day, not for anyone.

"G-get off me, Eliska..." Alena murmured drowsily. "What happened?"

"W-we were getting you away from bad times. A-and we were told that we weren't máma je kids."

"Away from bad times?"

"You w-were taken by someone. I don't know, you haven't told us. And after that, Angelina said we had to go to some camp. Skyler was going to come with us."

"Oh my God! Skyler!"

Alena unbuckled herself hastily and climbed into the front of the car. Skyler was obviously injured. The older twin tried to get her friend free but couldn't do it. She was either too heavy or Alena was too weak. She kept trying, however, to save her friend.

"Give me some help here!" The blue eyed girl started to sob.

Eliska did. She helped her sister tug the brunette out of her seat and out into the rain. When the cold rain finally did wake Skyler up, they all tried to get Angelina out of her seat. They finally did and tried to hoist her towards the hill, which was at least two hundred feet away. The rain beat down on their clothes and made Skyler's heavy makeup run and fade away.

"Hurry up, you guys," Skyler panted.

"What do you think we're doing?" Eliska barked, starting to jog lightly. Alena was tripping over her feet to catch up, breathing heavily and being fairly unlike herself.

Finally, they got to the rain-slicked hill and started up it. However, they kept slipping down quite a bit each time they tried going up. They noticed some kids, around ages twelve to nineteen, watching them from the top of the hill. Skyler finally lost it at them, complaining about how they should be helping them. A few of the kids, each in florescent orange T-shirts, came down and helped them up the hill.

Eliska, being clumsy, slipped right when she was about to get to the top of the hill. One boy extended a hand for her. She gently took it and hoisted herself up, once again slipping and falling closer to him. He smiled and led her towards the slope of the hill. Eliska watched as a few strangers took Angelina to a large farm house, feeling insanely worried on the inside.

"So, what's your name?" The boy asked, running his hand through his dark brown hair.

"I'm Eliska. You?" The blonde girl replied, twirling her hair and feeling her face flush a vibrant pink.

"Eliska? What nationality is that? My name's Ian."

"I'm from the Czech Republic. That's my sister, Alena over there." She motioned to her twin sister who had her arms folded. "Where is this?"

"This, my dear Eliska, is Camp Half-Blood. Chiron will explain it to you better in a sec."


"You'll see."

Ian took Eliska to the farm house, introducing her to a world she'd never be able to escape.

Chapter Eight, Alena

Alena watched as her sister nearly flirted with the cute boy who she later learnt to be Ian. She was a little jealous. But she had Eírik to obsess over, having been her unspoken crush for a few years now. They'd first met in kindergarten -- however, Eírik had been in the second grade-- and Alena had scraped her knee. He'd taken her to get a band-aid. At first, she'd thought that the older boy was stuck up and mean. But she'd warmed to him in time.

In her hand, the Czech girl's phone vibrated. She looked at her new message, another one from Eírik. Her face melted into a soft grin as she read it. Alena replied and slipped her phone into her pocket, hoping to get out of this uniform soon.

"Alena, hurry up!" Skyler and Eliska called.

"C-coming!" Alena shouted back, trying to pick up her feet and move forwards. However, she unattractively trudge-jogged towards the house her sister and Ian were headed for.

Quickly, the blue eyed girl stopped attempting to run and walked the rest of the way. Walking into the warm house, Alena realized that it hadn't been raining outside any more. Had the weather changed that quickly? She shook it off, knowing it didn't really matter. All she did know was that this house was warm.

A man in a wheelchair with neatly trimmed brown hair came into the room. He smiled at Alena and Eliska, extending a hand to shake. Ian leaned against the wall, watching as the girls' fates unfolded. The twins listened as Chiron explained about demigods and the gods.(A/N:: I get tired of explaining it when we all already know.) He was nearly finished when Alena cut in, interjecting about her friends and a thought of hers.

"Can you tell if one of my friends is a demigod?" She wondered, flicking a piece of hair behind her ear.

"I'm afraid not, child. My apologies." Chiron responded.

Alena nodded, face flushing and ears turning hot. Eliska looked at her, a wave of sympathy that felt nice. The sisters had never been close, always getting into childish fights as children. As they'd grown up, they'd started to go in separate directions. Alena had hung out with a more toned down and punk-like group while Eliska had tried to fit in with the 'popular girls'. Eliska's plans hadn't worked out very well, being demoted to the lesser groups.

"Ian, would you mind taking the girls to the Hermes cabin?" Chiron asked, breaking Alena's thoughts.

"Yes sir." Ian nodded, waving his hand in a way that said 'after you'.

The three demigods left the Big House and towards the U of cabins. There was one cabin, an old and worn looking one, that they headed towards. It's dull brown paint was chipping off in many places, giving it an unattractive look. Hanging above the door was the symbol of the god Hermes. Ian smiled at the cabin warmly.

"This is a cabin full of really fun people." He laughed, grin widening. "Any ways, all unclaimed demigods live here until they're claimed. You should both be claimed by tonight. Same goes for you, Skyler."

Skyler nodded, closing her eyes and sighing. "Wait, guys, the bags!" She remembered, opening her eyes. Her apprehension faded into annoyance.

"Dammit..." Alena groaned.

"Ian," Eliska started. "Will you help us get out bags?"


The small group of teens made their way towards the hill, climbing it with ease and getting to the other side. Once they crossed to the other side, it started to rain again. No, it didn't start. At Camp, there was no rain. Alena, with a bit of a sad surprise, realized that Eliska was holding Ian's hand. A wave of envy sped through her system. Not only was it embarrassing for her if her sister was someone's girlfriend before her, it was embarrassing that she'd have to listen to her have some girly fit.

Both twins had been having an ongoing and unspoken contest of who could get a first kiss, boyfriend, or some other thing like that first. So far, Alena was winning. She, in eighth grade, had been asked out by her friend. She'd responded with something sweet, along the lines of "a boyfriend lasts a few months, a friend lasts forever".

"Here we are." Ian nodded at the ruins of Angelina's SUV. "What happened any ways?"

"She crashed into a ditch while trying to avoid that Spruce." Skyler pointed to the offending tree.

"I see,"

The three girls grabbed their bags and made their way back towards camp. This was the twins' second move in the span of a year. Usually, people complained of moving but the girls suffered in silence. The girls made their way towards their new lives in the Hermes cabin, where they would be staying for some time.

Chapter Nine, Eliska

The girls that night, after a nice meal and friendly company by a campfire, headed to bed in their cabin. They fell asleep slowly, having to remember the days events. Chiron had promised to tell them about Angelina in the morning and if she was doing all right. The one thought that berated Eliska's mind was that her foster mother was dead. Who would take care of James, the other foster child. Of course, Niels could but Angelina needed to be there.

Finally, the blonde Czech girl fell into a fitful sleep. A nightmare haunted her mind while she slept, making her awake a few times but then slowly drift back off. Eliska was surprised to see her step-mother and father talking. On the couch were two baby carriers with identical female babies in them.

"Whose are they?" Mariska demanded, whispering in hopes of not waking the infants.

"My dear, I... Don't know what to tell you." Bohuslav looked defeated. "I went to the bar and I guess I got really drunk. I don't know how these happened though."

To her surprise, Eliska realized that her step-mother's normally blonde hair was a light brown shade, possibly dirty blonde. Not the usual bleach blonde she was used to, not at all.

"Got drunk! Met a girl! Knocked her up! Look, they even look like you! Not a bit like me." Mariska looked like she was about to cry.

"Raise them as your own, love." Her husband smiled warmly. "We can do it together. I promise."

The scene dissolved as someone lightly shook Eliska's shoulder. It was the counsellor of the cabin, Travis. Everyone changed quickly and headed out to the Dining Pavilion. The young girl waved at Ian when she saw him at the Hebe table. He had a few other siblings, it was a small cabin so far. When Eliska got up to scrape some of her food into the fire, she didn't notice a Demeter girl coming towards her.

Both girls crashed into each other and onto the floor, faces crashing together. Everyone in the pavilion got to see as Eliska made the biggest mistake of her life, having a first kiss with another girl. This was definitely not how she'd imagined her first kiss.

"G-get off me, freak!" The Demeter girl Eliska would later know to be Elizabeth shoved the latter off her and climbed up.

"I-I'm sorry!" Eliska called, feeling her face flush a hot and vibrant red. She listened helplessly as her sister and Skyler laughed at her, along with the rest of the camp.

Blinking back tears, the embarrassed teen cleaned up the spilled food. Elizabeth glared maliciously at her. She sighed and dragged herself back to the Hermes table where she took her place next to Alena. All Eliska really wanted to do was curl up in a hole and slowly die. She knew that for the rest of the day, the only thing she'd hear for some time would be taunts about the recent event.

Pressing her lips together tightly, Eliska started at her glass. Empty. Just how she felt. She left early from breakfast, opting to go and sit by the lake alone. The sun felt nice on her skin. Eliska basked in it's warmth, letting a small smile creep across her lips. She dipped her ankles into the water, kicking them back and forth.

"Are you okay?" A familiar voice asked from behind her. Ian. Just who she needed to make her day even worse.

"I'm fine, really." Eliska smiled widely, hoping to convince him everything was fine.

"You sure? I saw what happened and how insensitive everyone was."

"Nah, worse has happened." She shrugged, shaking her head.

"I doubt it. Tell me about the times."

Ian had called Eliska on her lie. She blushed and sighed. "Fine. You caught me."

"It's not your fault you tripped, am I right?"

"Y... Sorta..."


"I-I'm clumsy... I guess I tripped over my own feet." She laughed, trying to get rid of her fear.

"And Elizabeth is a bit of a B with an itch, if you catch my drift."

"I guessed."

The two demigods sat side by side, watching as other campers dove gracefully into the water. Others splashed clumsily in the water. They spoke for some time before silence fell over them. They watched their fellow demigods roam around camp, going about their normal activities. Skyler came and joined them a few minutes later, smiling a lip-glossy smile.

"Hey love-birds," Skyler teased, taking a seat next to them. "What's up?"

"Where's Alena?" Eliska asked. The two usually never went any where without each other.

"Changing into a bathing suit. She feels a need to go swimming."

Eliska nodded and noted that Skyler was in her swim gear. A bikini top and surf-shorts. It was normal for her. A Hermes kid splashed the three as a joke. A symbol flashed above Skyler's reddish hair. A rose. She'd been claimed.

Chapter Ten, Alena

Alena walked slowly towards the group of demigods sitting by the lake. One foot in front of the other. Her flip flops were not what she was used to. She was used to running shoes and skate shoes. She was slightly uncomfortable walking around in shorts and a bathing suit top but knew she'd have to get over her modesty. Alena felt her phone vibrate again in her pocket. She lifted it out and read the new message.

"Hey Alena. I miss you a whole bunch. I can't wait for next week. It's gunna be amazing <3" It was another message from Eírik. She replied.

"I miss you more. Yeah it is. But I don't live with Angelina any more. I live at this pretty cool camp place." Her message read.

Alena took her place next to Skyler, who's jaw hung halfway open. "What is it?"

"I... Daughter..." Skyler stammered.

"She just got claimed by none other than Aphrodite." Ian cut in, laughing.

The older twin was slightly shocked to hear this. Her friend had been into makeup and clothes and all that but never before had seemed beautiful enough to be one of Aphrodite's. Alena's thoughts were broken as Chiron came up to them, looking grim.

"Alena, Eliska..." He started. "I'm afraid that Angelina has died."

"What!?" Eliska cried. "Wh-who will take care of Niels and James?"

"A different foster parent? I don't know. I've informed social services about Mrs Miller's death and they've said that they will get Niels and James new homes. Not to worry, children."

Alena nodded, taking this all very seriously. Her sister had already started to tear up. Chiron walked off and Alena's cell shook again. She brought it out, much to Ian's distaste. He snatched it out of her hands and turned it off.

"What was that?" She asked, incredibly offended by his rudeness.

"That is because even though Camp is safe, monsters and well... the other side can track it. I'll teach you a different way to talk to... whoever without using a cell." Ian explained. "Come with me."

The two walked towards the Hebe cabin. Ian opened the door to the cabin, which was quite clean. There, in the corner nearest his bunk, a fountain gurgled happily. It created a nice mist, which at the right angle seemed like a rainbow. (A/N:: Piss off about me stealing from the book. It was the only idea that worked. I mean, hoses at CHB? Unlikely X___X)

"Here. I'll do the first part for you." Ian fished around in his bag for something and pulled out a golden coin. He tossed it into the rainbow. "Oh, Iris, goddess of the rainbow, accept our offering. Now say the person's name and location."

"Eírik Kovarik, České Budějovice." Alena murmured, apprehensive. Before her, the rainbow transformed into the scene of Eírik hunched over a book. Ian crept out of the Cabin, leaving her alone with her conversation. It looked like it was dusk outside, which it was. (A/N:: The next scene is all translated into English.)

"Eírik!" She called, happiness framing her voice.

His head snapped up, surprised. "Alena? Wh-how are you talking to me?"

"It's hard to explain, you'll see later. It's so good to hear your voice." She felt near tears.

"Same. Only a few more days, Alena. And then I can see you again."

She laughed, eyes filled with tears. Eírik's image was distorted by her blurred vision. "What're you reading there?"

"This? Oh, it's a learn English fast book. I guess I thought I'd need it for when I come to America."

"How's Mathias, by the way?"

"He's fine. Got a girlfriend now."

"Cool," The Czech girl laughed again. "Do you?"

"Nah. I have my eyes set on a girl though. I actually can't wait to see her again. Do you have a boyfriend, Ally?"

Her heart sank. "N-no. You know I'm not into that kind of stuff."

"Right. How's your sister?"

"Eliska is fine. She's madly in love with this guy we know."



"Is he cute?"

"... Yeah... Who are you taking to the Graduation party?"

"Dunno. I was thinking of taking that girl... Awhh, whatsername..."

"I don't know who you're talking about but okay."

Eírik laughed. "Listen, I gotta do some homework. But I'll talk to you later, I hope."

"Yeah, I'll try to contact you later. Bye, see you later."


Eírik was cut off as the mist dissolved into air. Alena walked to her cabin, feeling happy and sad at the same time. Her long time crush had told her he had eyes for a girl. Who that girl was? She would probably find out in one week's time. During that time, she'd probably have to summon all her willpower to not cry. This was terrible. Alena felt tears slip down her cheeks as she ran into the cabin, wanting to crawl under a rock and die.

Chapter Eleven, Eliska

Tired from a long swim, Eliska walked into the Hermes cabin only to find her sister in a heap of tears and sobs. She sat on the edge of her sisters bunk, touching her back softly to signal that she was here. Alena jerked up suddenly. Her face was wet with tears and tomato red in the face. Her blue eyes were bloodshot. It wasn't very attractive.

"Co se děje?" Eliska asked her twin sister, handing her a tissue. (A/N:: "What's wrong?")

"Nic. Jsem v pořádku. Jděte pryč." Alena coughed. (A/N:: "Nothing. I'm fine. Go away.")

"Něco je evidentněšpatně. Řekni mi, prosím." (A/N::"Something is obviously wrong. Tell me, please.")

There was a pause. Alena gulped loudly before continuing. "Eírik mi řekl, že má oči pro dívky... A jsem opravdu rád." (A/N:: "Eírik told me he has eyes for a girl... And I really like him.")

Eliska winced. She always had empathy, even for her own sister, who she could barely stand. She murmured something about how that sucked for her sister and stood up, needing to change out of her wet clothes. Alena, behind her, screamed. She was going off about how it was the worst possible thing that could happen to her. Eliska ignored her sister and changed out of her bathing suit, drying herself.

"I'm sorry about it, really, Alena." Eliska turned to her sister on her way out. "But sometimes things don't go your way."

"I know that." Alena murmured, hiccuping from all her crying. "But you don't have to be a b*tch about it."

Eliska rolled her eyes and walked out of the cabin, heading for the showers. She had to listen to a serenade of 'loser', 'Les', and a few other, even worse names on her way. It was all because of Elizabeth. No, all because of her stupid clumsy feet. She'd inherited it from her father, who'd not even been able to dance at his own wedding. He'd stepped on Mariska's white high heels' toes every second step.

The Czech girl let all her worries and insecurities wash off with the grim that stuck to her from the lake. She would've sung like all the other girls did, but if there was some thing she could not do, it was sing. She was tone-deaf and could never hit a note. Eliska was the polar opposite of her sister. Since birth Alena had had Aquaphobia, never even get her legs in the water.

Every time their parents had taken them to the pool, Alena had stayed in the kid's pool, in the shallowest part. Eliska had gone straight to the deep end, diving off the high dive, even as a young child. Karma had gotten back to the twins. Alena had been a very musical girl, even having a future in music. Her voice was amazing, and her instrumental talents were great.

"Not fair," Eliska hissed under her breath. She cursed beneath her breath, saying things she'd never forgive herself for about her sister. She always did during a shower. It somehow made her feel better about herself by bad-mouthing her twin sister.

Stepping out of the shower, Eliska dried off and changed into her comfies. She walked out of the showers area, letting the sun start to dry her hair. It was hard to believe that it was already nearly sunset. Dinner was in about five minutes. The blonde teen jogged towards her cabin, only to be tripped by something. Probably her own feet. Thank the gods there was no one beneath her this time.

Eliska face planted into the ground. She got up, holding her bloody nose, only to see Elizabeth and a few of her friends, mostly from the Ares and Nemesis cabins. They glared at her, laughing at her pain. Eliska's only thought was that they were cruel sadists. Which most of the Ares kids were. Helplessly, she tried to crawl away, tried to stumble over her own feet and get back to the safety of the Hermes cabin.

Nothing helped. The biggest Ares girl grabbed Eliska by the shoulder and brought her right back. "You are one little f***ed up puppy, my dear." Her voice was raspy, as if she smoked a pack every day. She probably did, considering how foul her breath smelt.

"L-let go of me!" Eliska shouted, fighting the grasp, trying to wriggle free of it.

"Ha!" A Nemesis girl cackled. "As if, deary."

They taunted the Czech girl, poking at her weak spots which they'd somehow found out. Eliska didn't know or care how, she only cared about getting away right now. Within a few seconds, she had managed to wrench herself out of their grasp and run away towards her cabin. Blood still trickled out of her nostrils. Eliska was oddly graceful on her feet as she headed towards the cabin she called home. However, her luck quickly ran out when she tripped over her own feet and twirled in the air, landing hard on her back, winding her.

There was something above her head that she could barely make out as the symbol of a goddess.

The symbol of Hecate.

Chapter Twelve, Alena

Through her childish tears, Alena could almost make out a small symbol above her head. She tried to figure out what it was, blinking a few times to clear her eyes. When she fully saw it, her jaw dropped in shock. She no longer belonged in the crowded Hermes cabin. Alena belonged to Hecate, the goddess of witchcraft. Her mixed feelings made it hard for her to express herself. Usually she only had one feeling at best.

Sadness, happiness, and utter shock tumbled around in her head like leaves during a windy autumn day. Alena ran out of the cabin to find her sister and tell her the good news if she hadn't already been claimed. Within seconds, she spotted Eliska being chased around by a few Ares and Nemesis kids, Elizabeth watching on in contentment.

"Hey!" Alena screamed. "Let her go!"

She quickly caught up to the girls trying to beat up her defenceless sister. Eliska already had a bloody nose and a few marks on her face. Her hair was dripping wet and her shirt was coming up, revealing reddish marks. Her legs (which were hardly covered) had the same reddish marks. Alena got pissed at the Nemesis and Ares girls, grabbing a random camper's dagger from their hands and lunging at them.

"Hey, calm down, there, big girl!" One of the Ares girls Alena recognized as Jenna barked.

"Freak! Just like your les sister!" Kayleigh, a Nemesis girl, spat.

"G-get away from moje sestra." Alena was hyperventilating, realizing that a few of the girls she was up against were nearly a foot taller than her. (A/N:: Moje sestra = my sister.)

"Wow guys," Another Nemesis girl looked remorseful. "Maybe we should lay off them. Poor girl lost her ability to speak English. Poor freak."

They all cackled.

"Nice one, Amanda. But I say we should finish this. At least give them some terrible bruises. Y'know?" Jenna looked at both of the twins disapprovingly.

"Go away!" Alena screamed, covering her ears and shaking her head. The day was just getting worse. First, Angelina died then Eírik has feelings for someone that isn't her. Finally, life is being a b*tch.

The group of girls froze. Nearly literally. Alena grabbed her sister's hand and started heading towards the Big House. She pounded mercilessly on the door, glancing frantically over her shoulder as the Ares and Nemesis kids started to unfreeze. Chiron pulled open the old, worn door. He saw the bloodied girls and let them in to get cleaned up.

"Girls," Chiron spoke softly as Eliska held her nose. "I received a prophecy about the both of you."

"B-before you say that," Alena cut in. "We are claimed."

"I know, child. By Hecate, I presume. Any ways, the prophecy. It... may scare or perplex you."

A redheaded girl walked in, shifting uncomfortably and folding her arms slightly angrily across her chest. "I can tell them, Chiron. Your voice may scare them." She growled.

"Sisters of magic they will call

Leading Olympus on to fall

Heartbroken and weary

Dying during dreary

One will die

Two will cry

And three will never say goodbye"

Eliska took a sharp breath. Alena crossed her legs nervously. Chiron sighed deeply, pinching the bridge of his bumpy nose.

"Girls, this is Rachel. Our Oracle." Chiron explained. "An Oracle gives prophecies to demigods, whether they be willing or not."

"What does a prophecy do?" Alena asked, fidgeting.

"A prophecy seals your fate, child. We need to send the both of you on a quest. You're allowed to take one other demigod with you. Since you've gotten hardly any waring and need to move in to the Hecate cabin, I will give you a few days until you must go."

Alena felt her throat burn. Eírik would be here in a few days. Four more after today, to be exact. She'd waited more than over a year to see him again and still hadn't, in real life. Through messages and the internet. But she hadn't felt the comfort of his hugs, the warmth in the kisses he gave to the top of her head when she was sad. Alena yearned for her friend. She almost needed him to survive.

Chiron dismissed the sisters, who left reluctantly. They headed for the Hermes cabin quickly. Gathering their things, they moved to the Hecate cabin, where only two other kids resided.

Chapter Thirteen, Eliska

The two boys in the cabin looked barely thirteen, though they claimed to be fourteen. Alena and Eliska shared a bunk bed, Eliska calling top bunk. Alena gladly took the bottom, setting up a blanket around herself for privacy. The younger twin lied on her bunk, wondering who her sister would want to take on the quest. If he came in time, it would definitely be Eírik. Either that or Skyler.

Who Eliska wanted to take was Ian. He was quite a good friend and she secretly had a crush on him. Of course, after today, no one like him would ever want to date her. What with her little stunt that had gotten her permanently branded as a freak.

"Hey, we never introduced ourselves." The older boy broke the silence. The two of them hardly looked alike.

"Yeah, I guess not." Eliska murmured, deep in thought.

"Well, I'm Jude." The dark brown haired boy, the younger one, announced.

"I'm Damen."

The introductions went well. Since Eliska and Alena were the oldest in the cabin, they got to share the job of counsellor. It was at breakfast two days later that Eliska confronted Ian about the quest. Mostly because her sister hadn't made a move to ask Skyler or Eírik, she decided to ask Ian.

"Hey, Eliska." Ian smiled at the sight of her. "What's up?"

"I wanted to ask you something..." She started, trying hard not to stammer. "Do you want to come on a quest with my sister and I?"

"Tartarus yes! I've never been on a quest in all my seven years. This is awesome news for me."

"Seven years?"

"Go by the lake after breakfast or whenever you have a minute. I'll explain then."

Eliska nodded and went to sit with her siblings again, twirling madly at her hair. She was blushing deeply and felt happier than ever. Finishing off a sausage, Eliska escaped to the lake. She waited patiently for Ian, lying and attempting to suntan. She felt someone coming towards her and sat up immediately, glad to see Ian instead of a Nemesis or Ares girl.

"Hi," Eliska murmured, running her hands through her hair.

"Hey," Ian grinned. "I guess I should tell you my dark past before you do that yourself."

"Y-you don't have to."

"But I should. And I've been meaning to tell someone. Here goes nothing, I guess. When I was born, Hebe brought me to my father. My father was very young. He was probably still fresh out of high school, making him what? Nineteen, I guess. Any ways, she brought me, a baby and told him to take care of me. My dad nearly put me up for adoption. Actually, he technically did. He tried to sell me on eBay. No one bid or whatever, so he kept me."

"When I was ten, my dad started making me do all these hard chores and started keeping me home from school to do them. I didn't run away, he kicked me out when I refused to do them. I was only ten, as I said. And I lived in Brooklyn. I barely made it to Long Island. And I've spent seven years here. See?"

He held up his camp necklace. Seven beads were obvious. The two talked for a little while, getting closer and closer. Eliska's hand rested on top of Ian's, scooting closer with each exchanged word. They were about an inch apart, Ian's other hand holding the girl's shoulder. They were seconds apart from kissing when a volleyball hit their heads.

"S-so," Eliska stammered. "D-d-does th-this mea-mean that we-we're a-"

"Hey Eliska!" Alena shouted from somewhere relatively afar. "Come here!"

The blonde Czech girl jumped at the opportunity to get away from being near her possible boyfriend. She ran towards her twin and skidded to a halt. Alena stood near their cabin, holding a sword and a dagger. They were both sheathed, even coming with belt loop attachments.

"Which one? I saw you were good with a sword during practice but I'm more of a dagger girl." Alena shrugged.

"Sword." Eliska grabbed for it. "Who're these from?"

"Chiron. He said that the Hephaestus kids had planned this as a welcome gift."

Eliska nodded, taking the weapon in her hand and feeling more powerful than she had in a long time. She pulled the sword from it's sheath and let it gleam in the sunlight. She knew that Chiron had given the twins their weapons for a good reason. It was a reminder that the quest was in two days. Both girls had no clue how fast those two days would be.

Chapter Fourteen, Alena

The next two days were a blur of training and anticipation for Alena. She was overly excited that day and seeing Eírik. He'd sent her mail saying that his mother had sent him there for a reason. He'd be arriving at any moment. Alena's heart raced faster as every minute passed slowly. Finally, Chiron approached her, saying that there was someone here that had asked to see her. Her heart leapt and skipped.

After slipping into a pair of short jeans and her favourite t-shirt, the blonde girl left to the Big House. She gathered her wits and took a deep breath as she saw her best friend standing on the porch, waiting for her. He looked better than ever. His hair was a little tousled and his clothes reflected him well. Eírik grinned warmly as he saw her. She returned it, grinning so wide her cheeks were sore.

"I've missed you so much." Eírik murmured, wrapping her in a warm embrace she knew too well.

"I missed you more." Alena breathed in the scent of his light cologne. It smelt familiar, like home. She mouthed something that he couldn't hear. "I love you..."

"It was hell without you, Alena. I'm really happy to be here with you."

"Come with me, for just a sec."

Alena tugged Eírik by the hand towards the Big House. She approached Chiron, taking a breath. "Chiron, I know how you want only three people on our quest but can Eírik please come. Please? I bet he's a really good fighter."

"He has no training experience, I'm sorry." Chiron shook his head.

"So? You let the famous Percy Jackson go on a quest right after a recovery and barely after a few days at camp."

"A few days, Alena. Eírik's been here less than an hour. He hardly knows a word of Ancient Greek."

"B-but... Please, Chiron? It would mean a lot to me."

"That has nothing to do with it, child. He needs experience and if I let you go, I let you indulge in being selfish. I don't like that sort of thing."


Alena walked miserably back out to Eírik, hugging him tightly. He hugged her back, even going as far as lifting her up, bridal style. She laughed, indulging her self in the old memories, the good feelings. She flashed back to a time with Mathias and Eírik, (A/N:: NEXT SCENE = TRANSLATED)

Mathias laughed as Eírik picked her up, swinging her legs onto his arms and carrying her. They all laughed, loudly, as Mathias tried to pick up both Alena and Eírik. He failed. Even though he was strong and tall, he couldn't pick the both of them up. The girl of the group, grabbed both of her friend's hands when they went silent and started to sing.

"Y'know," Eírik thought aloud as they walked the overgrown path. "We should start a band. Alena as the lead singer, me as the back-up vocals and guitar or whatever other instrument, and Mathias as percussion."

"Yeah right!" Mathias exclaimed, running a hand through his dyed black hair. "I am not good at music, Eírik. You know that."

"Oh come on, Mathias. It'd be fun!" Alena laughed, pushing her sunglasses up.

"Yeah and you two dating would also be fun."

Alena and Eírik's faces flushed deeply. They turned away and let go of each others hands. The blonde girl was the first to speak, tugging at her clothes in an attempt to make them fit properly. She pulled her beanie hat on a little tighter and tried to think up something to talk about. Even though she didn't much like talking, she didn't like silence. Alena grabbed Eírik's hand again and leaned her blonde head on his shoulder.

"Maybe I don't want to ruin a perfect friendship." Eírik teased Mathias.

"I dare you two to kiss!" Mathias laughed. "And no wussing out!"

"Fine, then, a**." Alena flung her hair over one shoulder and stood on her tiptoes to kiss her best friend. Their lips met and pressed together, resulting in Alena's heart to swell.

As Alena remembered these memories, she stared out the window of the van that was taking her to Olympus. She kept her gaze on the hill where she knew her long time crush was waiting for her to return, waiting for nothing.

Chapter Fifteen, Eliska

Eliska sat next to Ian, leaning on his shoulder and nearly cuddling with him. It wasn't far to Olympus. It took hardly any time, it seemed. She watched her sister sit miserably, hand touching the window of the car. Alena turned away from the window, swallowing hard. Eliska took pity on her sister. This was the first time she'd seen Eírik in nearly a year. Now, she was going on a quest she might not return from.

"Hey," Ian poked Eliska in the ribs. "Are you okay?"

"Ano. I just can't get that one line of the prophecy outta my head. You know?" The blonde girl leaned on her friend's shoulder.

"Which line?"

"The one that's like, one will die."

"Well, just pray it's not you or me, babe."


Ian shook his head, smiling. Eliska glanced at her sword and took a breath. This would be her first and hopefully last quest. She didn't want another prophecies. The Czech girl was not very good at English to begin with and the prophecies used bigger words than she knew well. They laced words together in a perplexing way. Somehow, she'd understood the prophecy she'd received.

The Czech teen stayed mostly quiet for the rest of the ride, hoping the prophecy wasn't about to come and kick them all in the butts. She twiddled her thumbs and twirled her hair, listening to Ian whisper words of encouragement. She mostly nodded to them, taking in his fighting tips. They didn't sink in very well, only deflecting off the surface of her ears and bouncing away.

"We're here, Eliska." Ian urged, pulling her out of the van. Eliska stumbled out of the van, waving goodbye to Argus. They headed up to the Empire State building, slinging their backpacks over their shoulders.

"Sis, are you okay?" Eliska fell a bit behind Ian and whispered with Alena.

"I'm fine. Piss off." Alena snapped.

"No, you aren't. Is it Eírik?"

"No. I'm fine."

Eliska shrugged and caught up with Ian. They held hands the rest of the way up to Olympus. Taking deep breaths, they stepped into the elevator. It was a terrible apprehensive feeling. Once up, Ian and Eliska stepped out of the car together, hands clutched together tightly. Alena stayed in, patting her backpack.

"Crap," Alena hissed. "I'll be right back, I need to grab my water bottle."

"We'll come with you." Ian stepped back into the elevator car, tugging Eliska along with him.

They went down, waiting for the doors to open. Eliska and Ian stayed in the elevator as Alena ran to grab her water bottle. One minute turned into three. Then five. Five slowly became seven. Ian went to go find her, leaving Eliska alone. She was nervous. What had happened to her sister, the one she secretly cared about so much. She sneaked out of the elevator car and pushed her way outside. There, in the middle of the side-walk, was Alena getting shoved into a small, black car. The person leading her in looked a lot like the guy that had been staring at her the day they came to Camp.

Alena was going to be killed by that man.

Chapter Sixteen, Alena

Luke. He'd found her again. This was not good, not good at all. Alena sat in the back of his car, trying to be cooperative. She suffered in a daunting silence. She had to bite her tongue quite hard to keep from screaming or crying. Her eyes burnt and there was a large lump in her throat. Alena felt very exposed in her shorts and tank-top. Luke caught her eye in the rear-view mirror.

"How old are you, Alena?" Luke asked, gazing back at the road.

"Sixteen." She answered in a flat voice.

"Hmm... Little young for me." He laughed. "Where are you from?"

"České Budějovice, Czech Republic."

"Ah, European. Do you know Eírik Kovarik?"


"A slip-up there, Alena Skalsky."

Alena stalled. Never before had a stranger called her by her first and last name. She shifted uncomfortably. This creepy man knew Eírik. The only way he could was through a text or if he'd been stalking her high school. Her eyelids started to droop. Alena'd gotten barely any sleep the night before, having stayed up quite late thinking about Eírik. It hurt, really, to even think about him.

"So, my dear, what's your father's name?" Luke chuckled under his breath.


"And your mother?"

"Mari- er, Hecate."

Luke laughed again. "I love doing this. Did you know, Alena, that you might be one of the prettiest girls I've ever liked?"

"Uhhh... Er.... no..."

"Now you do, dear."

Alena nodded and avoided Luke's penetrating gaze. He kept his eyes locked on the road. Alena sat in the back, wishing with every passing second that she had her cell phone with her. Ian had taken it away just before the time when she would need it most. Tears nearly slipped from her blue eyes, nearly causing her light mascara to run. She took a few calming breaths.

The young girl's mind wandered back to Eírik. She wanted to be near him and be hugged by him. He was full of good feelings. Alena fell asleep for the rest of the ride.

When Luke awoke Alena next, they were in an occupied building. She was on a comfortable bed. The clock read about five o'clock. Luke looked at her with such adoration an care that she felt bad about being so harsh. Alena got up and get pulled into the arms of her captor.

"It's dinner time, love." Luke kissed the top of her head. Alena squirmed. Nothing of this was going to end well, there was a feeling of it in her gut. Then it struck her.

That one prophetical line applied to her. She was to die.

Chapter Seventeen, Eliska

Horror struck, Eliska stood in the middle of the sidewalk, feeling more and more foolish with each passing glare. The people that crossed her path had no idea what had just happened and what it meant. The only thought that she was sure of, was that her sister was going to die. Her mind was racing as Ian approached her, grabbing and squeezing her shoulder in an affectionate gesture. Eliska took a breath.

"I'm sorry," Ian murmured, pulling her into a sweet embrace.

"I'm okay... Really." The blonde felt a lump forming in her throat. She cleared it noisily.

"Where do we go now?"

"I don't know. Back to camp or up to Olympus?"

"I say we go and see the gods."

Eliska nodded, following Ian and clutching tightly to his hand as though it were a life line. They went back up the elevator, which took a few strings having to be pulled. Finally though, the two demigods headed up to Olympus for real. Ian held the blonde as they went up. For a teen, Eliska was fairly small and skinny. Contrary to popular belief, she was happy that way.

The doors of the elevator opened for the second time that day. It revealed a temple, more magnificent and amazing than the rest of the ones Eliska or Ian'd see in pictures. There was a long path leading up to the biggest temple, the one that looked to be Olympus. On that path were several other buildings and several divine beings swirling around, creating music and artwork.

Hand-in-hand, the two demigods made their way up the path and towards the temple. They took deep breaths before entering. Once the doors were open, they headed inside to the throne room. Minor gods and goddesses smiled at them, waving gingerly.

"The demigods are here," Eliska and Ian heard a goddess's voice say calmly. They stepped in.

"Only two?" The most clad man who looked to be Zeus raised his brows.

"Dear," The woman sitting next to him touched his hand. "Be kind. They just lost a sister and friend."

Zeus nodded solemnly. "Children, I've got some bad news for you."

"Yes, sir?" Ian was attentive.

"We know who took your sister. And I've worse news."

"Please, go on, sir."

"Luke Castellan. He was on the Titan's side for quite some time. He is a son of Hermes and well... Tried to overthrow the gods. He nearly succeeded. Onto the other bad news. Mathias, Alena's friend, has also come here. And, sadly, he's joined Luke's side."

There was a small moment of shocked silence between them. Eliska's jaw hung ajar. The look in her eyes was of pure shock and disbelief. She'd known Mathias since middle school when Alena had met him and befriended him. He'd been a very nice guy but always full of humour and youth. He'd given compliments to almost every girl he knew, trying to wash away their insecurities and failing.

The gods let the two demigods leave in shock, let them leave to find their soon to be fallen comrade. On their way out, a woman with black hair and grey eyes ran to them. She had the same eye shape as the twins.

"Good luck, Eliska." The woman murmured, disappearing.

Once in the elevator again, Ian smiled and half-hugged Eliska. "That was your mum."

"It was?" Eliska wondered aloud. "I barely look like her."

"That's what it's like for a lot of demigods. I hardly look like my mum."

The elevator doors opened to reveal Mathias, bleach blond hair with black tips making him look nearly Gothic. His grin was malicious and not like ever had been before. "Come with me, Eliska."

Before she could react, Mathias had her by the arm and was dragging her away from Ian, who was occupied with backups.

"Eliska!" Was the last thing she heard before Mathias shoved her outside and into a car.

Chapter Eighteen, Alena

Alena lied on a bed later, head pounding. She needed to escape quickly. But her fate had been sealed. There was no way that she could get out. There were guards posted everywhere, sentries at every door that lead outside. The only way outside was through Luke. The only way he'd allow her to leave would be her gaining his trust all the way and asking him to escort her somewhere.

Of course, that would be a useless attempt. Alena rolled onto her side and stared at the walls. Plain. They were a simple white with a hint of cream. She angrily rolled onto her other side, glaring as she saw Luke standing there, his hands tucked nonchalantly into his Jean's pockets.

"I have something for you," Luke grinned. Mathias walked in. He was wearing dark clothes, which was probably his new style. However, last time Alena had seen her friend, he'd had his hair dyed light brown. His outfit has consisted of plaid pants, white dress shirts with the first two buttons undone and a half done-up tie. Now it was all black, like it had been in 2008.

"Alena," Mathias muttered. "I... He told me he'd hurt you if I didn't join."

Alena's heart nearly stopped. She could feel her stomach sink and her breath catch. Her hands started to shake. Panic spread through her whole body.

"How're you feeling, Alena?" Luke taunted. "Panicky?"

Filled with dread and despair, the blonde couldn't answer. She sat there gaping and looking mostly like a fool. Tears were forming in her eyes. The few things she'd figured out that day, had been that Luke's side was not the good side. Alena'd learned that they'd tried to overthrow the gods and had failed miserably after being so close to succession.

"I guessed." Her captor laughed, making her heart burst in sadness. He left, shoving Mathias out of his way and making him fall over.

Mathias looked up at Alena with shiny blue eyes. They were pleading, asking for forgiveness. He gave her a weak smile that made her heart melt. He pulled himself off the floor and sat next to his friend. Clasping his hand in hers, Mathias looked Alena in her eyes.

"You look better with green contacts," He murmured.

"How could you do this to me?" Alena's voice shook.

"I'm very sorry, Alena. Will you ever forgive me?"

"Maybe. I don't know if panic will go."

"Your grammar is terrible."


The Czech girl stayed with her friend for some time. She complained of being cold and got a warm cuddle from him. She fell asleep that way. While in a deep sleep, Mathias got up and left her lying there alone. It hurt him as much as it would hurt her.

When Alena did wake up to find her old friend gone, her heart clenched. She knew that he'd probably be up to no good. She cringed at the ideas. What if he was hurting Eliska? Getting up, Alena slunk out of her room and sprinted down the long hallway. She was a meter away from the door when something sharp pierced her leg. She looked back to see Luke glaring at her. His eyes were full of malice.

In a desperate attempt to get out, Alena took another step towards the door. Her left leg flared with pain. She felt a warm wetness course down her leg. Blood. Turning her head, she saw that a dagger was stuck in the back of her thigh.

"Get back to your room... now." Luke growled through clenched teeth.

Alena gasped for breath. She crawled towards the door. Just as she was about to get the handle and make her full escape, the door swung open, hitting her in the face. The last thing she saw before she went out cold was her sister, slung over the shoulder of Mathias.

Chapter Nineteen, Eliska

The next thing Eliska knew, she was lying on a bed. It was uncomfortable. It was a cold and cement-walled room with pipes running across the ceiling. Water dripped into a half empty bucket. The bed she lied on was lumpy and hard, not at all a bed she would've enjoyed sleeping on at any time. She had no idea how she'd stayed asleep for so long. The small window said that it was dusk.

Through the door, the teen could hear fighting. Two voices with Czech accents, another that was Luke's. She patted at her pockets. Relief washed over her when she felt a lump she recognized as her cell. Lifting it out, she flipped it open and dialled a number. It was Skyler's phone. Eliska had no clue how she remembered the number of her sister's friend.

"Hello?" Skyler's cheery voice answered.

"Skyler, I need help. Find Eírik for me and give him your cell. Please quickly." Eliska had her grammar all wrong because she was scared.

"Okay, gimme a sec." It took a few minutes before finally, Eírik's voice. "Hello?"

"Eírik, I need help. Sneak out of Camp and help please. Will you?"

"I can't. Who is this? Where's Alena?"

"Alena is... She's been kidnapped. I'm in the same house as her, maybe. I don't know. It's Eliska."

"Kidnapped? I would come but Chiron is watching me like hawk. I can't leave."

"We both might die, Eírik. Be ready to never see us again. Or Mathias."

"What!? If you see Alena... tell her... Tell her I love her."

"I will, I promise."

There was a sigh on the other end as both hung up. Eliska started to get up. Her legs felt like lead. She trudged towards the door and grabbed the handle, pulling it open. Unlocked. That was weird. She'd have thought it would be locked. The hallway was a mess. Alena's blood was spilled on the floor. She sat, curled in the corner, Mathias knocked out in another corner.

Luke loomed over the older twin. He held a sword in his hands, half bronze, half steel. His face was twisted with fury, eyebrows knit and lips pressed in a scowl. Eliska knew what she had to do in a futile attempt to save Alena. Sneaking up behind Luke, she tossed her leg in a sort of round-kick. He staggered to the side, falling clumsily against the wall. His sword, as a result of this awkward half-fall, stabbed into Alena's foot.

Alena cried out in pain, eyes wide, mouth open, gawking at her injury. Luke turned to Eliska.

"You idiot! You're a complete and utter moron! What the hell is wrong with you?" Luke barked angrily.

"I-I..." Eliska stuttered.

"I was gunna kill her nice and fast, one clean swipe to the chest, a nice stab. But now look! Now she's suffering!"

"I'm sorry!"

"Sorry doesn't cut it."

Eliska shrunk back in fear. She had to keep her emotions at bay. She took a few breaths and stood up. She needed to stay strong and keep Alena alive. No matter how many times she repeated the prophecy to herself, she couldn't help but hope that she may be the one to die. Ian didn't love her as much as Eírik loved Alena. They'd had an unspoken mutual crush for years now.

Eliska thought of ways that she could save her sister from imminent death. Something that would work came to mind- albeit safe. She lunged at Luke.

Chapter Twenty, Alena

Alena watched in horror as her sister lunged at Luke. Her legs were bleeding and she had minor cuts and bruises all over her body. Her hair was started to get matted, her makeup was running, and she was sweating. This was not good, not good at all. Today was quite definitely the best day of her life. Possibly the last, as well. Alena felt her breathing rate increase.

Luke was shoved onto the ground by Eliska, who grabbed for her sword and swung it in front of his face. His nose immediately got a bloody gash, trickling down his chin. He groaned in pain, reaching for his nose.

"I thought I told you two," Luke hissed. "I'm unbeatable."

"Everyone has weak spot." Eliska kicked him in the ribs. "Even you."

The older twin struggled to her feet. Her legs burnt with pain, flaring and making her cringe. She took a careful step, pain sky-rocketing. She grimaced and took another step. It was like a needle, however, it burnt. Alena watched as her younger sister delivered a blow that knocked Luke out. He collapsed onto the lightly carpeted floor, icy eyes fluttering and closing.

"Hurry, things will notice this soon." Eliska grabbed Alena's hand, tugging her along. The elder sister was limping horribly on her leg. Finally, Eliska gave in and helped her sister, letting herself be used as a crutch.

It took a long time to get even near Camp Half-Blood. The sister's walked through the scalding sunlight, feeling how their necks and legs were burning with sunburn. Alena was panting from all the limping she'd been doing. It'd been a long and tiring walk. At least a few miles. The twins were walking along the dusty road.

"I can't believe that you let me go alone to find my water bottle!" Alena shrieked. "That was from Mariska!"

"Sorry! You were the one that pushed going alone." Eliska pouted, lower lip jutting out.

"I hate you."

"You more."

The twins glared at each other, having stopped. Alena looked down at the brownish-grey road. She noticed that her shoelace was untied. She tried to kneel down but her leg exploded in pain. Alena jumped back to her feet and looked at Eliska with pleading eyes. They knew that nothing good would happen if she declined to tying her twin's shoelace.

The violet eyed girl knelt down and started reaching for the shoelaces. As Alena watched her sister, she glared. Despite how this might've been one of the nicest things that her sister had done for her, she couldn't help but glare. If she hadn't she'd have been smiling like a fool.

"Hurry, I have a bad feeling about this place." Alena murmured as her sister finished, tightening the laces on her other shoe.

"Done." Eliska started to stand. Due to her clumsiness, she fell backwards in the dust.

Eliska's eyes closed for just a moment when she impacted with the ground. There was a loud bang, followed by a dreadful thud. (A/N:: Sorry 'bout the length. There's one more chapter, BTW)

Chapter Twenty-One, Eliska

Cautiously, Eliska opened her eyes. The sight next to her was terrible. She saw her twin sister, lying face down on the ground. There was a pool of blood around her and a bloody hole in her back. Her hair was being turned a light pinkish colour from the blood that seeped from her back. Eliska's first thought was that she was fine, wounded, but fine. She tried to check for her sister's breathing. Nothing.

"Alena! Alena!" Eliska shouted. "Probuď se! Prosím, vzbuď se!" (A/N:: Wake up! Please, wake up!)

No reply. She tried again. Pinching her shoulders and shouting in her ear. Camp was close. Some one had heard her shout and was standing at the top of the hill. Tears were forming in the corners of Eliska's eyes. She lifted her sister into her arms and started towards Camp. There was a sort of buoyancy to her movements, like she was walking an inch above the ground.

Eliska walked up the hill and down again. She ignored each boisterous camper, heading straight for the Hermes cabin. She knew that Eírik was resting somewhere in it. She knocked on the door. There was some awkward fumbling noises before the brunet boy opened the door, staring into Eliska's eyes. He noticed the body of his dead sister and gaped.

"Je že Alena?! Eliška, co se stalo?" Eírik was talking in such rushed Czech Eliska could hardly understand him. (A/N:: Is that Alena?! Eliska, what happened?)

Eliska sighed heavily. "Někdo ji zastřelil. Nevím přesně, já spadl dolů." (A/N:: Someone shot her. I don't know exactly, I fell down.)

"Je... Je mrtvá?" (A/N:: Is... Is she dead?)

"Je smutné, že ano." (A/N:: Sadly, yes)

Eírik bit down on his lips. He was showing the composure he was known for. Eliska could tell that he was hurting though. It was always obvious when you knew him.

Eliska and Eírik walked to tell Chiron about the death of Alena. It was devastating for both demigods. They walked to the Big House slowly, with the same buoyancy as before. Knocking on the heavy door, Eírik swallowed his tears. Chiron opened the door and nodded at the children, letting them in.

"Is she wearing contacts?" Chiron asked Eliska.

"Yes." She nodded, gulping her sadness down. She watched as the Centaur reached into her sister's eyes and poked, getting the lenses onto his finger tips. It was weird seeing her with violet glasses not framed by glasses or made blue.

"Her shroud burning will be tomorrow. I will announce it tonight at dinner. Thank you, you may leave." Chiron nodded as they left, hanging their heads as they went.

Ian found Eliska later, in her cabin, crying. "Elle... What's wrong?"

"You didn't hear?" Eliska sobbed. "Ally... She's dead."

"Oh... Well... Uhh... That sucks, I'm sorry."

"I'm fine, really."

"I know something that might make you feel better, but you'll, like, turn bright red."


Ian leaned down and pressed his lips to Eliska's. He'd been right. The girl's cheeks burnt a vibrant reddish colour. Once their lips separated, Eliska gazed at Ian.

"I love you, Ian."

"I love you too."

The End (A/N:: Sequel:: Castle On A Cloud)

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