My first story please fix anything with periods,spelling,Ect. it starts from the pov of Kirstin.

Flash Back

" Honey, for the last time, I cant go with you". " Why not mommy." Because im not,.......I'm not special,like you.It's okay there's nice people here".

That was me, Kirstin Lee Willliams daughter of I wish I knew I dont want a close relationship with him I just want to know where, or who I belong to. I just want to belong and who ever he is he's making it hard for me.

Connor's Pov

I was walkin around, with some friend's when i saw her,Krstin ,at least that's what I thought her name, was she was beutiful. The next time I saw here I was pissed,at Travis he called Kirstin a lesbisan cause. She wouldnt go out with any one. So I told him you dont even know her he said i don't want to. What you got eyes's for the lesbo.So i went around in the forest lookin for somethin to figt when she was walking, my way she was, the prettiest thing i've ever saw.Her strawberry blond hair, blowing in the breeze,Her big blue eye's she, looked like a ,Hermes kid. Nope she said she just looked like her mother. Then I saw something over her head she was getting claimed,by Apollo.


Kirstins pov

I'm claimed by Apollo,

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