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Drusilla Lancaster is the daughter of Thanatos, god of death and mortality.


Drusilla dosen't look like what people expect her to look like-some black haired, dark eyed, all emo kid. Instead she has firey red hair, fair skin and blue eyes. Her hair is very wavy and is to her shoulders.Her face is round. She usually has a very toothy grin. Her teeth are very straight, due to wearing braces in her past.

Drusilla usually wears blue. Her favorite out fi of all time is a blue one-sleeved t-shirt with a black tank top underneath. She wears a skull necklace as a sign of her father.

Early Life

Drusilla's mother, Vanessa Lancaster meant Thanatos during a visit through some catacombs. They dated for a while, Vanessa got pregnant. Drusilla was born!

Thanatos left Vanessa and Drusilla, once Drusilla was three monthes old. Her mother quit her job, knowing it was best. Vanessa also secretly blamed Drusilla for Thanatos's departure but never maks comments about it.

Drusilla and Vanessa become very close, more like sisters then mother and daughter.

Drusilla started school-and what do you know? She got diagnosed with dyslexia and ADHD.

Nothing interesting happened until Drusilla started camp.

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