Dustin Max Shane
Dustin Shane4
People expect me to be a jerk like my siblings, i just show them my spear and they back off
The Son of Ares
The Most Unlikeliest Son of Ares
Vital Statistics
Date of Birth 1981
Current age 17
Gender Male
Family Quinn Shane (Mother)

Ares (Father)

Status Alive
Eye Color Crimson
Hair Color Red
Height Tall
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Affiliation Camp Half-Blood
Weapons Dragon Tooth Spear
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Appearances None
Quests None

Son of Ares, God of War and Quinn Shane, A former soldier from the U.S Army


Lived in New Jersey with his mother till he ran away because his mother kept drinking after she retired from the U.S army and complained how she missed the action.

She abused and hurt him, he got so scared of his mother that he ran away from home.

He was 13 when he made it to Camp Half-Blood and a week their he was claimed by his father, Ares.

He is troubled by this because all his siblings are big and tough but he is skinny and not that strong and he can't handle a sword very good.

He then proved he was talented with the spear, and soon he began to develop muscles from training for long periods of time.


Untidy red hair and crimson eyes, is quite handsome but skinny at the beggining but he begins to develop muscles, he wears a white shirt with a black jacket, combat pants and hiking boots.

Underneath his shirt he has permanent bruising and cuts around his wrists from when his mother used to beat him up.


When his father claimed him he wasn't any good with any weapon but when he got his hands on a spear he found he had pure talent with it.

He picked out a spear from the equipment shed which at first looked like a common shark tooth necklace but when gripped in the hand it became a dragon tooth spear.

Fatal Flaw

He needs approval off everyone, he wants to be like the Ares kids so they wont' single him out as a outcast.


Unlike most Ares kids he is kind and caring to his friends. He likes to be by himself most of the time, spending time in the training arena with his spear.

He enjoys being with his friends then his siblings.


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