Eirik K

Eírik Radik Kovarik (born June 5, 1992) is a demigod son of Morpheus.

Dream On

Eírik has so far not made a major appearance in Dream On yet.

It has been revealed he has a crush on a girl.

He seems upset when Alena goes on her quest, leaving him alone.

It is revealed that the girl he had a crush on was Alena. He seems quite distraught when she gets murdered.

Castle On A Cloud

Eírik will be a major character.

He has a rough time at the Shroud Burning, feeling bad for not letting Alena know how he felt. He meets Alicia and gets claimed.

Eírik gets the love letters that Alena wrote to him and moves to his cabin, meeting his sisters Breanne and Alyssa.

Alicia confesses that she has a crush on him and the two become a couple.

Mathias invades camp. Eírik scares him away. He later has to tell Alicia of Alena.

Alicia goes missing, worrying Eírik. However, Alena returns.

Any Way The Wind Blows

Eírik has so far not made a major appearance, but will later on.


Eírik was born in Prague, on a trip there, but then moved to České Budějovice. He met Alena when he was in grade two and she was in kindergarten, having scraped her knee badly. Ever since that day, the two have been good friends. After Alena moved to America, Eírik was quite sad for some time. He often hung around their mutual friend, Mathias to remind himself of her.


Eírik is an attractive boy with short, straight, light brown hair. His skin is fairly light but not disgustingly so. His eyes are a sweet blue that makes some girls swoon. Eírik's usual outfit is something that is fairly dark, liking how it contrasts to his skin. He usually is seen wearing black or dark grey jeans and shirts that are a little too small. Unlike many boys, he cares deeply about his appearance on the outside. He is a tall 5'10 and weighs around 137 lbs


He appears relatively cool and composed on the surface, but is warmer and passionate ('warm-blooded' is a good term) on the outside. Eírik is a very musical person as well, often trying to form a garage band with Alena and Mathias. He is a very suspicious person, questioning his friends for their honesty and his future. He is also fairly quiet and loves people in secret, being too embarrassed or worried about their reaction if he told the person.

Known Family

  • Lida Kovarik, Mother
  • Krystof Svetlik, Step-Father
  • Morpheus, Father


  • Eírik is a child of a teenage pregnancy, his mother having had him when she was seventeen.

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