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Emelia Kaslist
"She's the girl with a broken smile"
Daughter of Hephaestus
Fire User
Vital Statistics
Date of Birth 14th October
Current age 15
Gender Female
Family Hepaestus (Father)
Status Alive
Eye Color Blue
Hair Color Black
Height 5'10'
Alias Lia
Affiliation Olympus (Formerly)
Weapons Sword - infused with Stygian Iron
Species Demigod
Home Camp Half-Blood (Formerly)

The Vigilantes

Appearances Vigilantes: Halting Movement
Quests None

Emelia Kaslist is a demigod daughter of Hephaestus. She used to go to Camp Half-Blood before she was exiled.


Before Camp Half-Blood

Before Emelia came to Camp Half-Blood, she travelled around with her mother, she is originally from England, so she still speaks with a slight British Accent. Her and her mother travelled to America to have a holiday, but when a hellhound attacked the hotel she was staying at her mother got worried. A satyr found Emelia in the rubble cause by the hell hound and found her mother. He then explained to her mother who her [Emelia's] father was, a Greek God. 

Camp Half-Blood

When Emelia and the satyr reached Camp Half-Blood she was put into the Hermes cabin. She was claimed during a Capture the Flag game when she rigged a trip wire all away around the flag, so anyone who got close to it made a net spring up and capture them, and it would then alert everybody on the team that somebody was near the flag. She then went to live in Cabin 9 with the rest of her silbings


Emelia went into exile because she went too far by insulting Ares, who was actually insulting her father. She went to far and the other Olympians got involved. She was decreed that she was no longer a member of Camp Half-Blood, no matter how much her father wanted her to stay, she packed a bag and then left Camp Half-Blood. She spent the night outside the border on Half-Blood Hill and was then found by a group.


Emelia is of African descent, and has caramel coloured skin, she has dark black hair, and blue eyes, which she inherited from her mother. She is tough looking and her personality shadows her apperance. She is always fiddling about with something, scraps of metal. Her T-shirt is patched and is singed from working in the Camp armoury, before she left. She wears old, worn out jeans and sneakers.


Mechanical - Emelia has the ability to fix mechianical things.

Trap Detection - she can sense where mechanical traps are and figure out how to deactivate them.

Fire User/Pyrokinesis - She can conjure and maipulate fire, but she didn't know about it until one day when she woke up and she found that her pillow was on fire.

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