Emili in her hunting gear

NOTE FROM THE CREATOR OF THIS CHARACTER: If you want to use this character in your story, just message me (DaughterofTerpsichore)

Emili (pronounced same as Emily) Coln is the Lieutenant of Artemis, and a Huntress.


Emili grew up in Ireland since she was born. Her father, a man who used to live in Greece, taught her about Greek myths and gods. When she was eleven, she joined the Huntresses of Artemis, and soon became Artemis's Lieutenant. Artemis herself gave Emili her second bow and arrow, as a sign of power and greatness.

When Emili was fifteen, in 2059, she joined the Godslingers Next after the Hunters of Artemis broke away from itself and became no more. 




Emili has red hair, blue eyes, and fair skin. Her eyes seem to penetrate the soul and read your deepest secrets. She is very pretty. Her eyes are full of sorrow and secrets.


Emili is nice and caring to others, but is hostile to most. She always talks about wanting to find out who her father is.

Weapons and powers

Blessing of Artemis- Emili is an expert huntress, and never misses a target with this blessing

Lunar- Emili's bow


  1. Her theme song is The Voice by Celtic Lady
  2. Her mother is Selene, a minor moon goddess.

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