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Emily is the Daughter of Apollo and suprisingly her mother is the Oread, Echo. She is still considered a Demigod by all as Echo isn't a Goddess.

Heroes - Enhanced Synesthesia - Emma smashes her wall00:17

Heroes - Enhanced Synesthesia - Emma smashes her wall

Emily's Powers


Emily has a rare ability called "Enhanced Synesthesia". The ability to convert sound to light and use it in a destructive manor if she wishes. But, Emily also has a problem. She is deaf. What she can do is see the light produced by sound making objects.


Emma has a Violin which she keeps on her back incase she cannot see any lights and produces her own noise.

She also carries a set of throwing knifes and a maze in her bag for extra support.


Emily is a petite, blonde girl with a very tamed personality. She is very sweet to everyone in Camp and is one of the only demigods to fully respect every god she knows. She has very deep blue eyes with wisps of gold waving through her eyes.

Her anger is fuelled by anyone threatening to hurt her, her friends or any of her siblings which has only been displayed on a couple of various scenarios. She took down, single handedly, Cercopes. The flexible, mischievous snake who had a habit of terrorising demigods and could spit corrosive acid. It took the serpent to knock out a couple of her brother and sisters before it enraged her. She flipped, twirled and leaped in the air, slashing, hacking and jabbing at the snake. She eventually took out the snake and earned a great wave of respect within the camp.

Movie Portrayal

If there was to be a movie which featured Emily, she'd be played by: Evanna Lynch who also played Luna Lovegood in the Harry Potter Franchise.

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