Empathic Mimicry is the ability to copy powers within a certain range, and summon that power at a later time. Users become phyisically and mentally weak because they absorb too many powers.

Held By

  • Richard Rains was given this ability by his mother, Hemera
  • Calvin Rains inherited this from his father, but had it removed. 



Richard was given this ability by his mother, Hemera. He has shown that he can copy almost any power, including the Achilles Curse. He has shown that he has almost no control over the copied power, prompting control. He originally couldn't replicate out of range, but learned how. 


Calvin inherited this ability from his father, but after exploding, he had this and several other abilities removed. It should be noted that he can still use the copied abilities after having Empathic Mimicry removed. 

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