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Era Ilmari
Demi-Soul Air
White Thunder
Vital Statistics
Date of Birth December 29
Current age 14
Gender Female
Family Zues (Father) Shaylee Ilmari
Status Alive
Eye Color White
Hair Color White
Height 5'6
Alias -
Affiliation Camp Half Blood
Weapons A sword
Species Demigod/Demi-Soul
Home Camp Half Blood
Appearances Sia's Stars
Quests -


Era lived in Sycamore, Ohio with her mother Shaylee Ilmari. Her mother sent her away to private boarding school in Pensylvania when she was 13. Era hated it there. Everyone was mean to her because she had weird hair and wasnt like any of the other girls. She played in alot of sports, even head cheerleader though she was not popular.

She later ran away after the first 6 months of boarding school just before exspelled from the school. She ran and ran without stopping until she made it to camp Half-Blood. She was a bit surprised to get there and find out she was a demigod. She was claimed when she entered the borders as a daughter of Zues.


Shes not like most people. She loves to be wild and free and is always the All-Star. Shes always the most active person in sports. She runs, she rides horses, plays tennis, basketball, swims. Anything really. Shes won awards for her greatness in sports.

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