Eric Reyes;
son of Chronos;
The master of time
The clock master
Vital Statistics
Date of Birth unknown
Current age 12-13
Gender Male;
Family Chronos (father)
(mother unknown)
(grandfather Kronos)
(grandmother is a wind nymph);
Status Alive;
Eye Color gold;
Hair Color curlyish light brown;
Height unknown;
Alias "The master of time"; "The clock master";
Affiliation Eternal Flame; demi-Protogenoi;
Weapons aeon (a adamant steel sickle);
Species Demiprotogenoi;
Home moving
Appearances A Demigod Girl; The Frozen Throne;
Quests None

Eric Reyes is the son of Chronos. His grand father is Kronos, and his grandmother is a wind nymph


He has curly, light brown hair and his eyes sparkle like gold.

He is described by Lakia Stefa as: "He has a curlyish, light brown hair and his eyes sparkled like gold. He was about as tall as me, and I had to admit - he was handsome."


Eric is caring and is easiely upset. He's also very frendly, but has been though alot so people tend to avoid him. He loves his mum and even goes to the underworld to see her.


  • He loves to move though time.


  • Unknown


  • Chronokinesis (Although it wears him out if he does it an exsesive amout of times and he has to sleep to regain his energy after travelling in time or freezing it).


  • A steel short sword;
  • A dagger made out of pure, unmeltible ice;

Fatal flaws:

His faltal flaws are: over selflessness and careing too much for others.


His history is unknow - and no one even knows when he was born.

The Eternal Flame:

He is second in command of the eternal flame and acting first. He is also the Eternal Flame's ambasidor.

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