Erin Castellan~little girl

Erin as a little girl.

Erin Castellan-2-
Erin Castellan

Erin Carly Castellan (born March 8, 2015) is a quarter blood daughter of Luke Castellan and Thalia Castellan (nee Grace).

Never Look Back

Plot undecided. Open for suggestions.


Erin is a natural stealer. She has a terrible temper and will pull out her sword to hurt anyone.She has a laptop the same color of her eyes(as seen on right>)

Known Family

  • Luke Castellan, father
  • Thalia Castellan (nee Grace), mother
  • Hermes, grandfather
  • May Castellan, grandmother
  • Zeus, grandfather
  • Ms. Grace, grandmother
  • Percy Jackson, second cousin
  • Annabeth Jackson (nee Chase), second cousin in-law
  • Brook Jackson, third cousin
  • Charlotte Jackson, adoptive third cousin
  • Nico di Angelo, second cousin


  • Erin got her head stuck in the railing at the age of four
  • She accidentally murdered her dog and hasn't been allowed to have a pet since.

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