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== General Information==

Name: Erin Faith Mitchell

Birthday: July 19, 2066 [Date subject to change*]

Hair Color: Medium brunette.

Eye Color: Brown with minor flecks of gold.

Mother: Hebe, Goddess of Youth and previously the Cupbearer to the gods.

Father: Johnathan Perry Mitchell

Other family: Younger step-brother named Carter Michael (three years younger), and a step-mother named Laura Audrey Becker, with first, middle, and maiden names listed respectively.

Cabin: Hermes as an Unclaimed Camper.

Home Location: Ypsilanti, Michigan.

Height (as of TDD): 5 ft, 0 inches.

Weight (as of TDD): 109 lbs, with a BMI of 21.3

Ethicity: Half British (back four generations, of which there is some French and Italian in her blood; more proper terminology would be "American", really) and Half Goddess.





Appears In...

The Demigod Diaries - Main Character, Narrator

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