Erra Joy "Erra" Oquialda (born September 4, 1994) a demigod daughter of Khione, she was rescued by Chiron along with her friends Paolo Brandes and Karina Biaga from a group of dracanaes disguised as the workers of their school.

Name Erra Oquialda
Cabin Khione




A pair of earrings given to her by Khione, these can transform into a pair of ice daggers that is infused with celestial bronze
Age 15
Hair Colour Brown-Black
Eye Colour Black
Birthday September 4, 1994

The Demigod Adventures

The adventures of Erra and her friends started when they are attacked by a group of dracanaes and was saved by Chiron who disguised himself as a teacher.




Inspite being a daughter of a minor god, Erra proves herself to be a powerful demigod.

She can control ice and make ice, she can also make snow-related weather disasters like blizzards and hailstorms.

She can also make weapons made of ice.

She has slight control over the wind since her grandfather is Boreas, god of the winds.

She also has the ability to use "ice dust" that can stun her opponents and freeze them.


Paolo Brandes - son of Apollo, the god of light, sun, truth, medicine, music and the arts.

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