Chapter 1 in Oh, For the Love of Coffee!

Chiron stamped his hoof on the floor of the dining pavilion. “Quiet please, quiet…thank you. It has come to our attention, from a camper, that monsters are somehow connected with the popular coffee chain of Starbucks.”

Muttering among the tables started. Whispers of, “Starbucks?” “Who found out?” and “Yes! Mochas!” came from every corner of the room. “NO!” screamed a girl from Aphrodite. She ran out of the room, crying.

Chiron stamped his hoof again and the room quieted. “This is seen as a threat, and I have decided to allow a quest. The one who shall lead it shall be the one who discovered this. Kassi Banoight, from Athena, do you accept?”

Everyone turned and looked directly at me, a million questions in their eyes. Great, I thought, I hate attention. “I do.”

“Good. Glad that’s settled. Everyone back to eating. Kassi, follow me.”

Don’t ask how I found out about Starbucks, that’s another story. But I will tell you that it involved a chunk of ham, shadow traveling, a few golden drachmas, and a very strange week in Boston.

I caught up to Chiron about half-way to the Big House. “Ummm,” I said after an uncomfortable silence, “so, what now?”

“Now, you consult the oracle.”

“Oh, great.” Yeah great, I get to go talk to a seventy year old mummy. Whoopee!

“And if you come back still able to form a coherent sentence,” he continued, “you choose your companions.”


By then we had reached the Big House. I looked at Chiron and he gestured for me to go ahead. I walked upstairs to the attic, took a deep breath, and opened the door.

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