Esther Rainwater is the demigod daughter of Apollo and Jane Rainwater and the older sister of Alexina Rainwater. She is Apollo's favourite daughter so far. Esther is best friend of Julie Evans, daughter of Hermes and Paige Johnson, daughter of Dionysus. She has rivalry with Diane Baker, daughter of Ares. She hates Roydon Baker, who happens to be Davina's brother. She later becomes girlfriend of Malcom Taylor, son of Athena.

Early Life

Esther was born as the elder daughter of Apollo and Jane Rainwater. As all demigods are, she and her sister Alexina had to suffer from the constant attack of monsters. So when Esther was eight and Alexina was four, their mother Jane sent them off to Camp Half-Blood.

At the camp, Esther makes friends with Julie Evans and Paige Johnson, daughters of Hermes and Dionysus. She forms rivalry with Diane Baker, a daughter of Ares whose favourite hobby seems to be picking on the kids of Apollo Cabin. She hates Roydon, who is Diane's full younger brother as he is very violent and rude.

Save the Sun

At the age of fourteen, Esther joins her brother Will Solace, Nyssa Jones, daughter of Hephaestus, Travis and Conor Stoll, twin sons of Hermes and Malcom Taylor, son of Athena, on a quest to rescue her father Apollo, who has been kidnapped by Kronos, who has managed to rise into full power once more, only more powerful this time.

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