Ethan C

Ethan, as a newborn baby.

Ethan C

Ethan as a teen.

Ethan Trent Castellan was born on July 5. He is a son of two quarter-bloods. Thinkaboutthisname has no idea what his term would be.

Sweet Temptation.

Ethan is found out to be a son of Adrastos, by him.


When Adrastos left camp, Lynn found out she was pregnant. She gave birth to the child, staying away from her parents somehow through it all. Her alibi for having a baby with her all the time is that the baby isn't hers. A friend needed to put it up for adoption and Lynn was chosen. Her parents don't really care.


Ethan looks a lot like Adrastos. He has pale skin, ice-blue eyes, and black hair. The only thing relative to Lynn that he has, is her nose. The shape is all.


Until Thinkaboutthisname writes more about Ethan, we will not know his personality. It can be assumed he has Adrastos's personality.

Known Family.

  • Adrastos Castellan, Father.
  • Lynn Jackson, Mother.
  • Annabeth Jackson (nee Chase), Grandmother.
  • Percy Jackson, Grandfather.
  • Taylor Castellan, Aunt.
  • Thalia Castellan (nee Grace), Grandmother.
  • Luke Castellan, Grandfather.
  • Zeus, Great Grandfather.
  • Hermes, Great Grandfather.
  • Athena, Great Grandmother.
  • Poseidon, Great Grandfather.
  • Any other relatives of these people listed are related to him


  • Ethan is named after a cute boy in Thalia's class.

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