Eva B

Eva Jasmine Bruno was an eighteen-year-old demigod daughter of Hephaestus.


Eva got pregnant by her ex-boyfriend, Spencer Watson. She broke up with him because he cheated on her with Libby MacDonald, who used to be Eva's best friend.

She had an abortion and deeply regretted it. She wrote a poem about the abortion and then commited suicide.


Eva was 5'9 and 136 lbs, with a tall and slim build. She had a thin nose and slightly tanned skin. She had long, straight blonde hair and blue eyes.


Eva was a bright, cheerful, happy-go-lucky young girl. She loved bright colors, such as yellow and pink, and was on the girly side. She smiled a lot. She was charming and charismatic, with a good sense of humor. Eva had a kind heart, but she didn't realize what abortion truly was until it was too late. She would have made a good mother.

Known Family

  • Hephaestus (Father)
  • Unborn child (Deceased)
  • Spencer Watson (Ex-boyfriend, father of her unborn child)

Unborn Child

Eva's dead daughter

Eva's child would have been a girl. She would have had Eva's hair and eyes.

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