⌘Ever Kaneko⌘
Stop staring at me...
The Happily Ever After
Daughter of Athena
Vital Statistics
Date of Birth 14/03/1998
Current age 14
Gender Male
Family Athena - Mother

Chase Kaneko - Father

Chance Kaneko - Step-brother

Hope Kaneko - Step-mother

Status Alive
Eye Color Spring Green
Hair Color White
Height 5'4
Alias N/A
Affiliation Camp Half Blood
Weapons Knife
Species Demigod
Home Camp Half Blood
Appearances N/A
Quests N/A


Ever is quite the dreamer, she usually loses herself in a daydream. She can be a bit stubborn sometimes since she had to serve Nico and Hades in the underworld for sometimes until she was free. She can be cold sometimes too. But is protective to friends.


Ever has white hair and usually appears in a dress, skirt or shorts. She can appear quite moody and stubborn and she usually has her guitar with her. She stands 5'4 and her eyes are spring green but change colors.


I was born to my father and Athena, I was a happy child but I missed my mother time to time. When my father married another woman I became quite. I never wanted a new mother or brother or sister, I just wanted it to be me, mum and dad. But when I was twelve my dad did something wrong and it angered Hades. I didn't know what it was but Hades seemed pretty upset to me. I didn't want my dad to get into trouble so I made a deal with Hades. I'd be his maid for two years. Instead he made it to him and Nico, I knew everything about being a demigod but this? This was annoying. Soon he agreed and I became the maid. Soon two years past and I'm free and I live in Camp Half Blood.


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