Fate of Heroes

By Potter12002 (Youtuber)

Chapter 1 Taylor Castellan:

Taylor woke up with a thud. She was on a bus. But why? She did not remember getting on a bus

at all. Why was she on the bus then? A boy wearing a blue sweater said "Taylor are you okay"?

She said "Who are you"? "Don't you remember my name? My name is Ethan Jackson and my brother

Jack Jackson and Little Lisa Jackson" he said quickly. She ran and tried to hug him as he was a pillow

ready to be hugged by his mother. Taylor reached for a mirrior but, couldn't find one so, she pulled out a small lip gloss container and said "Are you my boyfrined?" "Yes, I am!" said Ethan. A man with a megaphone yelled

GRACE!!!!!!!. It meant she was in trouble now. More coming late august or eariler. DO NOT EDIT!

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