Fayeria is one of the five main characters in The Unveiling. She is a daughter of Thesis, primordial god of creation.


Fayeria is quite courageous and valiant. She knows what she believes in and will strive to achieve it but unlike most, won't charge in. She takes time to think about plans and strategies. Most people mistake her for a daughter of Athena.

Fayeria is guarded and indifferent to strangers. Growing up without anyone as a true friend until she arrived at Camp, she keeps her feelings to herself. Fayeria has few friends but they are very dear to her. Despite that, she also wouldn't let a stranger get hurt. She believes everyone should have a chance at life but also, that death is part of it and you cannot stop it.

Fayeria proves she can ignore cruel words by strangers and people she only slightly knows but opinions of her friends and family really affect her.


Screen Shot 2012-11-10 at 8.43.57 AM

Fayeria has a fae like appearance. At sixteen, she is tiny at only 5'0 feet and looks very delicate and fragile. She has smooth and beautiful skin with light blonde hair. Her eyes are a light aqua-blue which are very clear. Fayeria, despite not having much money, knows what she likes to wear. She is disgusted with pink but appearances don't affect her opinion of people.

Later on in The Unveiling, Nic gifts her with a necklace. It has two golden wings coming out from an aqua-blue diamond shaped in an orb that he made himself. The chain is imperial gold as are the wings. It is not a weapon however.

Her weapon is a ring that when the white pearl is twisted, will turned into a bow. She has twenty arrows that appear as pearls around a bracelet. She pulls of the pearl and it turns into an arrow. Like Percy Jackson's sword, the arrows turned back into pearls as soon as their job is done and go back on the bracelet to be reused.


In The Unveiling, it is shown Fayeria has a close sibling relationship with Alex Carter.

In The Unveiling, it is shown Fayeria has a deep hatred for Mark Miller.

In The Unveiling, it is shown Fayeria knows and has a slight friendship with Daniel Reymain.




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