Felix Emerson
"Don't bro me if you don't know me."
Roman Demigod
Son of Iris
Vital Statistics
Date of Birth June 3rd
Current age 17
Gender Male
Family Arcus-Mother

Marley Emerson-Father

Status Alive
Eye Color Blue
Hair Color Brown
Height 5'11"
Alias -
Affiliation Self, Camp Jupiter
Weapons -
Species Demigod
Home -
Appearances Bello Deorum (Main Page)
Quests -


Marley was an active young man, playing sports in high school and college. One day, while watching a friend's game, he saw a beautiful young woman- and it was almost like love at first sight. He approached her and the attraction was mutual. A few months later, Marley had almost forgotten about Arcus until a crying baby showed up on his doorstep, with a note attatched: "This is your son, Felix. Love, Arcus." Marley was scared and estatic at the same time- he raised Felix to be a champ sportsman- just like his dad. Felix differed on his father's interests, however. He prefered to go online- Tumblr, Facebook, Twitter. He did the sports but really put all his work into getting more followers. His father noticed this and got angry, and got rid of all Felix's sources of internet. Felix got pissed and, being the angsty teen he is, ran away. Iris led her son to Camp Jupiter, but he had to fend off several monsters on the way. He barely made it out alive, just surviving on his pure athleticism. Felix was claimed at Camp Jupiter by his mother Arcus (who is the Roman form of Iris) almost immediately. He goes home for the holidays, but otherwise tries to avoid the bad-blood he has with his dad.


Felix stands at 5'11" and has a slightly muscled frame. He has a slight tan and usually has a clear complexion. He has light brown hair, brushed into sort of a quiff, and grey-blue eyes. He likes to wear graphic tees and sweatshirts with pop culture sayings on them, or with popular brands' logos. He almost always wears jeans or khakis, either with sneakers or TOMS. He is almost never without his iPhone, even though it is against Camp rules. He's constantly on either Tumblr, Twitter or Facebook.


Felix is a really chill, laid back guy. He loves a good laugh, but loves Tumblr even more. He is almost obsessive about checking it. He doesn't mind face-to-face contact but is a little awkward. He's a flirt, though, and loves to complement girls, even if it weirds them out. He can be a little selfish and rude sometimes, but that just comes with his social awkwardness. He doesn't mind having a laugh on the behalf of himself or one of his friends, but if it gets personal he'll be protective and stand up for them.



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