2011 - Fifteen Things I Must Not Do at Camp Half-Blood has been nominated for the 2011 TEA!!!

Crackfic. Sparrowsong 02:25, March 1, 2010 (UTC)

Chapter One

  1. I must not say the phrase "You're ugly" to Silena Beuregard.
  2. I must not urinate in the lake.
  3. I must not call Annabeth a nerd.
  4. I must not ask Dionysus why he is the god of wine but never drinks it.
  5. I must not call Nico emo.
  6. I must not skip to Olympus, singing "We're off to see the wizard" at the top of my lungs.
  7. I must not tell fish jokes to Percy.
  8. I must not prank the Stoll brothers.
  9. I must not start a huge argument with the Athena kids over whether their mother is blonde or brunette. (A/N: Athena is brunette. Annabeth's dad has blonde hair.)
  10. I must play Seven Minutes in Heaven but call it "Seven Minutes in Elysium."
  11. I must not stare at Luke's scar.
  12. I must not call Clarisse fat.
  13. I must not ask Chiron why he's in a wheelchair when he has four perfectly good legs.
  14. I must not tell dumb blonde jokes to the Apollo kids.
  15. I must not invite Thalia to go skydiving with me.

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